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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority

This is as close as I will ever get to belonging to a sorority
what better sorority to belong to then the,

Bloggerette Sorority

check it out over at Karen's place, Some Days Are Diamonds
she has all the details there, come on you know you want to join the fun.

To be a part of the sorority, we have to do a rush,
that is common knowledge.

Here is what Karen says

"Now everyone knows to be initiated into a Sorority - you must "Rush" Your rushing preparation will take place between now and June 25th. Then on that Friday ~ we will announce our Sisterhood! To rush you must do the following:

Take this picture . . .

and create something with it.

Post to your blog your creation, with you in the picture"

Now I do have to tell you I don't like having my picture taken so
this must be pretty important to me to do this, so here goes......

There ya go. And I am wearing pink and so are my ladies in the picture. I colored the picture and mounted it to card stock. I will hang it on my idea board (once I get one up).

I am linking to Pink Saturday and Bloggerette Sorority today. I hope you will visit Beverly and Karen to see how they are blessing us with their unselfish ways, by putting on their blog parties.
Thank you Ladies.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thank you to everyone who is praying for Heather, I know her family appreciates it. Another way to help is spread the word. Maybe someone who reads your blog will be able to help or will know someone.

Note: Heather is not my daughter, but Cathy's of The Stylish Home
where you can keep up to date.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help is Needed

I have copied and am posting this (a copy of Cathy's post) to my blogs, in hopes that someone can help this family. Cathy from The Stylish Home is in need of our help. Please spread the word, time is critical.

Seeking The Gift Of Life!


Dear Family and Friends,

Please help spread the word about my 25 year old daughter, Heather's medical situation and critical need for a live liver donor transplant.

Heather is a wonderful, caring young woman who has shown amazing grace throughout this difficult time. She is my husband's and my only child and is a daughter dearly loved. Seven years ago Heather was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's a progressive illness that destroys the liver ducts and despite everyone's best efforts it could not be stopped.

As a result Heather is currently listed for a liver transplant at Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan. The doctors recommend a live donor to give Heather the best chance for survival, due to the critical shortage of cadaver livers available. Rick, my husband, and I would love to be her donor, but we are not a blood match so we are seeking people who are.

Heather needs someone with O blood type (either negative or positive). who is willing to be tested to be a live liver donor. To learn more about donating please call the Henry Ford transplant coordinator Arlene Helms 313-916-9882 on behalf of Heather Erickson.

We understand a living donation may not be an an option for everyone and respect it's a personal decision.

As always with love,
Cathy and Rick Erickson

Family is a circle of strength and love!

To my blogging friends and readers thank you for your support. I appreciate your kind words and prayers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create - Party!

Welcome to "Where Bloggers Create" blog party. With over 450 participants, this party promises to be full of inspiration, fantastic spaces, and just plain fun. To visit the other blogs and see how it all works go over to My Desert Cottage for a visit with Karen (or click on the button below).

I am also linking to Pink Saturday, to see more pink posts visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound or click the button.

Note: If I have not made it to your blog yet to see your studio, I will. It is June 28th as of this note and I am in the "B's" so as you can see I am taking my time and absorbing each space.

Ok, now to the party......................................

First up........my sewing area. One of the things I like to do is quilting. My sewing area is still in the master bedroom. Two years ago we made an addition to the house, going from 800 sq feet to 1700. This addition includes a new studio on the second level. We are not finished with it yet (we are on the pay as you go plan), so my sewing area is still down stairs. I do have an awesome view, and a bay window to sew in. No fancy sewing table here, but one of our dining room tables.

I wanted to introduce you to one of my sewing helpers. This is Missy Moew. She loves to help sew, she is inspecting the sewing machine to make sure everything is working right and the thread is in the needle.

In this same room I have book cases holding my supplies. The one below holds some fabric,
embroidery threads, laces, patterns and whatever else lands there. I admit I cleaned it up a bit. My sewing table is in the lower corner (just so you can see how things connect).

A close up of my embroidery thread storage, it is intended for use in the garage for nuts and bolts, but works wonderfully for threads and small items. The other containers have smaller containers inside, that I keep my beads in. Also I use several TV dinner type containers (plastic with 3 sections) to hold embroidery supplies as I work on a project for my Crazy quilting. Remember to click the picture for a closer look.

On the top shelf I keep some of my pincushions, laces, ribbons and a picture of my daughter and I.

See, honest it is in the bedroom and I use the bed for a staging area. The white thing standing up in the window is a magnifying lamp. I must remind you if you have one of these lamps to keep it out of the window when you are not working. The sun beats in this window in the afternoon and magnified thought the lamp glass and caught one of my finished quilts on fire, thank goodness I walked in the room and smelled it, what if I had been gone? Very dangerous.

Is it break time yet? All this sewing is making me tired...........

The other, of the two, bookcases in our room holding my sewing things. I won't know what to do with all the room once they are moved to the studio. This holds more lace, ribbon, buttons, beads, patterns and a bunch of other stuff, including Calgon.......which I will use with some dyes for fabric. Now if you will go through the door there, we will head upstairs to the

A collage of some quilts.

As we enter the studio, I need to introduce you to Me Moew. He is enjoying some sun, we have had alot of rain this spring so the sun is very nice.

This room is not finished as you can see....but it is usable, so why not. First up, is my cutting area (well it will be once I move the sewing up here). This used to be in my kitchen, I have now re purposed it. It has good storage space and a nice size cutting surface.

A wider view of the room, over in the corner will be a wood stove to keep things warm (it gets to -25 around here), next to that under the window will be where the sewing area goes. Tile will go on the floor in front of the door. If you'd like to see the building of this room and the rest of the addition visit my Wyoming blog here. This link gets you to where we began on the addition.

A hutch I refinished to use in the studio.

My longarm quilting machine. This room was built with it in mind, it was housed at a friends for two years, so good to have it home.

The back side of the longarm, with drawers underneath for storage.

Looking at the room from the other end. Way over there is my scrapbooking area, we will come back to that in a bit.

Going back downstairs,............I guess, sewing was very tiring for Missy Moew.

Missy Moew is asleep in my chair where I sit to do my embroidery.

A collage of some Crazy Quilting and bead work.

My stitching area, when it is not being used for a nap. To the right are the stairs that lead up to the studio, in fact lets go back up to see my scrapbooking area. After you......

Do you scrapbook? Here is a collage of a few of my things. Don't you just love the word albums, and what do you think of the dog food cans, re purposed and decorated, to hold pens and such?

My work area, an old school table, provides alot of room to spread out. The opening on the other side of the table, is the staircase we just came up, in the background is the longarm and sewing area.

Back downstairs in the dinning room you will find my jewelry area. Inside this desk, with the grandchildren overseeing the work.

Open the door, and you see the goodies.

Lastly a few of my pieces. Jewelry making is new for me.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and you have gained some inspiration. Thank you for coming by, I hope you will come back again. Please leave me a note to let me know you came by.

God's blessing to all.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Pink Slipper Project

I just found this site and wanted to share it with everyone.

It is called

The Pink Slipper Project

they make and send slippers to women and children in shelters.

See their button on my side bar.

I know how generous and helpful crafters are so I figure
you will want to help.

They have patterns for sewers, crochet, knitting.
Check it out!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Come Join the Bloggerette Sorority

Would you like to be a sister in the Bloggerette Sorority?????
Just click on Karen at this address
SomeDaysAreDimonds.... to find out all the details..

Won't you join us.

Now everyone knows to be initiated into a Sorority - you must "Rush"

Your rushing preparation will take place between now and

June 25th.

Then on that Friday ~
we will announce our Sisterhood!

To rush you must do the following:

Take this picture . . .

and create something with it.

A banner, a hanging, an ATC,
a piece of jewelry, a tag, a card . . . anything!
Print the picture and place it in a frame -
it doesn't have to be fancy!
Just use your imagination. The possibilities are endless.
You have inspiration all around you.
After all . . . that's what our blogs do - they inspire us.
This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Then take a picture of your creation.
There are no rules.
Well - except one.

You must be in the picture too.

You can always take a self-portrait in a mirror.
Because we all want to see who are
"Sisters" are!

Then post your picture the day of our
Sorority party.

Friday - June 25, 2010

Come on join in, you know you want to.....