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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
Custom quilts and embroidery, also longarm quilting service. No two quilts alike, made especially for you. Feel free to contact me if you want a special work of art for yourself.
Grab a cuppa and enjoy the quilts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quilt Drawing

Robin has posted about this family on her blog, I wanted to spread the word.


Donation quilt - Open Heart Surgery fundraiser
In September Don has to undergo open heart surgery to repair or replace the Mitral Valve - and we have finally come up with a way to raise money for what we will owe after insurance pays their part. To read more about Don's surgery - click here. I have been making quilts for years, it is one thing that I can do to contribute to our situation - and we've decided to use one of the quilts for the fund raiser, and it is the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that was finished just last year. It is hand pieced and machine quilted, by Julie from Idaho.

It is double bed size - the fabrics are 100% cotton, all tone on tones . . .
Julie did a fabulous job - using her home sewing machine . . .
It is Don's all time favorite quilt - he says it just makes him happy to look at it . . .For a donation of $5.00 you get your name in the drawing five times - a donation of $10.00 gives you 12 chances and $20.00 will give you 25 chances, etc.

To keep this from being an actual raffle - anyone can have their name entered without a donation (though we really do appreciate the donations, but completely understand if you can't donate, not everyone can in these economic times and we don't want you to feel bad about that). Send us your good wishes and prayers - they mean so much to us.I have talked to many internet and local friends - and they are all excited about this and we already have many donations and offers to take donations for us also.

The drawing will be Sept. 6 - Don's birthday - the surgery is scheduled for Sept. 4, at this point. Any money raised over the amount that is needed for our co-pay on the surgery (approx. $25,000 if everything goes smoothly) will be donated to another person or family with a medical need. We welcome ideas of who to donate to once we reach our goal.

To donate, - we are currently working on an online payment process - email for details.We also accept checks, just email for the address to send them to. Some of our friends are taking tickets already and gathering donations, which we truly appreciate. It is amazing the support and love we feel during this stressful and scary time.If you would like to post about this donation quilt on your blog, we surely would appreciate that - and you would get your name in the drawing 5 more times and for each person you send over this way who donates - another 5 times in the drawing.Thank you all for reading this post - and for your support and prayers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Easter.
May the Lord live in your heart.
God Bless

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Contest Winnings

A group of Herbal blogs have gotten together for a group contest.

Below are the details, there are still 4 weeks to go. Why am I telling you this, well because I have been fortunate enough to win twice. See my winnings below.

Herb Blog Group Contest(s)

Welcome to our Herb Blog Group Contest!
For the week between Friday, February 27 and Thursday, March 5 you can enter simply by entering a comment in response to this blog entry and take a chance at winning a full year's subscription to The Essential Herbal Magazine! The Essential Herbal is written by, for, and about herbie people and the things they love. It is a grassroots publication that talks about the things you want to know when it comes to herbs.
The following blogs are also participating, so stop over to enter with them for additional chances to win AND the chance to explore some cool blogs. If you are already a subscriber, we"ll just add the free year on the end. Be sure to leave an email addy in your response so that we can reach you if you win!

Possum Creek Herb Farm
Blessings of an Herbwyfe
Garden Chick ***
SunRose Aromatics ***
Herbs from the Labyrinth ***
Patti's Potions ***
PrairieLand Herbs ***
Aquarian Bath ***
The Rosemary House ***
Natures Gift ***
Torchsong Studio ***
The Essential Herbal ***

*** These blogs will be having contests for the next 10 weeks. Be sure to come back!

I want to say THANK YOU, to..........Karen at Garden Chick for the darling fairy cookie cutter, recipe, and frosting crystals that she gave as a prize. This cookie cutter will also make a nice pattern for applique and for making soaps as well. Thank you Karen.

Next , my THANK YOU, ..........goes out to.........Rosanne at SunRose Aromatics for the wonderful gift of Organic Liquid Castile Soap, Apricot Kernel Meal, and Organic Aloe Vera and Seaweed Gel. Thank you so much Rosanne.

I hope you will visit these websites, and HAY.......go join in the contest, there are still 4 more weeks to go.