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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Friday, August 08, 2014

Taz Quilt

Taz Quilt

Update-and few other things

Work on the Taz quilt is progressing, slowly.
Was able to concentrate on it today.
This is where we are so far.
Two rows sewn together the bottom one is next
I thought I'd share some more of the process with you in the 
pictures below.
This is one of those patterns that has a bunch of places to match up.
Matching the diamond shapes goes something like this
place a pin in the upper most corner of this stitching
 push it through to the other side and then into the upper most part of 
the diamond you have behind it (right sides together)
 this will/should line the points up nicely
  and should come out in the same place on the second block,
if not try again.


Now secure the two blocks together like this.
Next we need to work on the corners that will form a 4 patch.  
Starting with the left seems, aline them, like this
 place a pin right next to the seems so they won't move
 move to the center seems and do the same
you will note I have these seems pressed open instead of to one side
this is to reduce bulk and it really does help.
 then on to the right side.....repeat.
 all nicely pinned to help speed up the sewing.
with 8 blocks across, you will be pinning 5 spots per block
 press the seems open like this after sewing the long seem together.
The results, two rows down 6 to go.
A few other things that have been created
a set of pillow cases for my son

that glow in the dark......:)
 three sets of towels
 (I let one get away without pictures)

 and the label for the Camo quilt
 also the embroidery for the back of the quilt

Seems like it has been a long time since I have posted....
and it has, but I have been busy, getting things done.

The last bit is still to be done on the Camo quilt, it is taking time, 
I  am sewing down the binding by hand and I can't do a lot at
once, my hand cramps up pretty quickly anymore.  I need to find
a machine binding I like, but as of yet, I have not.

God's blessings to all.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Camo Quilt on the Longarm

Camo Quilt

on the longarm

Seems like it has taken so long, but it is finally there
The camo quilt for Marla is on the longarm machine
ready to begin quilting.  Yippee!!

A few issues with embroidery for the back of the quilt,
all resolved now, so we can move on to the second to the last step
in the creation of this beautiful quilt.

 Embroidered Marla's name on the front just a bit ago.
 Now on to the quilting process.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Studio Update

Updates from my Studio

  Wow!  Things have been busy.   Quick update

Working on constructing the Taz quilt top

Back of the Camo quilt.

Towel set for a customer

 Quilt, quilted for Marylou.

 close up of quilting I added to Marylou's quilt top

 Back of quilt.

Yes, as I said a quick update.  

God Bless.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Quilting-the process


The Process

Taz quilt

I was going to show you the finished top 
for the White Camo quilt, but I have changed my mine
it is a woman prerogative or so they say.
Instead I'd like to bring you up to speed on the Taz quilt.
I thought a process post was in order.  

My fabric choices for this quilt
The brown has been changed to black, 
the star fabric is for the backing.
The red/pink is for an accent on the binding, 
blocks will be black, white, blue and Taz.
There are a lot of pieces to the block, which is 8 inches finished, 
and there will be 100 of them.
The main block (which you will see in a minute) is 6 inches,
to which we add flying geese.
The white square is 2.5 inches, there are 400
The black square is 2 7/8 inches, also 400
which are then cut into triangles, half square triangles (HST) in quiltease.
Each of the white squares will receive two half square triangles.

First HST being put on,  times 400

Now adding the second HST,  again times 400
By adding the HST we create the unit next to the Taz square,
 each block will get 4 of these units,
one on each side.
 You can see two that are centered and pinned in place on the upper block.

The group I am working on today, along with the remaining blocks
to be done, folded and pressed to make centering lines.

Summery, upper left..flying geese to be constructed and center blocks
center right......finished blocks
bottom......blocks ready to receive first set of flying geese.

I was considering how many times these blocks and their components are handled
by the time they become blocks that are ready to be put into rows and thus a quilt top.
Pretty amazing really,
15 times
@ 100 blocks, that is alot of handling.

Here are the embroidery designs for this quilt.

Ok, back to work, hope you enjoyed seeing some of the process.
One never realizes the steps involved in creating things, I am always amazed,
so figure you might enjoy seeing "how its made"

God Bless

Friday, June 06, 2014



White Camo

Oh my goodness, I did not realize so much time had passed 
since my last post...it's June already???
We have been so busy and I have been helping DH with
some of his work.  
We just got back from a trip of 7 days and the yard looked
like a jungle so I spent the last 2 1/2 days making my way through 
the weeds and grass, about 2 more days to go but I am
sewing and blogging this afternoon, the weeds will still be there tomorrow.

I was able to get alot done on our trip, since I spent several days in the trailer
while others were out working the track/race.  Thank goodness for the 
person who invented generators.  I got the White Camo quilt top done all except the last

Let me recap a little, with a couple pictures of some of the 
The blocks are 12 inches, with a border of 1 inch in the brown.
There are other designs, which I will show you next.

As I mentioned I spent several days in our trailer sewing, that was my
work while others were out working the race.
Here you can see my sewing area (working on the Taz quilt blocks here)
and outside my window some of the winners checking into their check point.
Who knew I would have a front row seat. 
Working in the trailer was perfect and I got alot done.
There are 30 blocks in this quilt and they are put together with the green sashing.
I really like the green and brown combo.
The sashings are 1 inch wide.

Some detail shots.....sorry these are not great, my camera is
not the best, though I thought it would be when I bought it, wondering
if a phone might do a better job, I have seen some great 
pictures taken with phones.  

 This picture (below) is pretty cool.  There is a company (online) that 
will make you fabric, it is called Spoonflower.  This is a picture 
Terry sent me that he wants included in these quilts and I sent
it off and had this printed onto beautiful cotton fabric.  
So what do you think?  Cool?
I love it and ordered up some yardage, it would be fun to
create my own designs....something for my bucket list.

 Ok, better get sewing...working the Taz quilt, will 
post about it in a day or two.

May God Bless and Keep you.