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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Friday, December 14, 2018

Ribbon Quilt

Ribbon Quilt

Lets start from the beginning. 
Lots of show ribbons for 4H for one of the gals in town.

Over 400 to give you an idea of the many times Emma 
has shown her critters.

 First task was to sort according to size and then deconstruct
and press .

 Once taken apart there don't seem to be as many, we are
using all but the 2 smallest sizes.  Oh I did not include those in the 
number of ribbons.  I am planning on using the smaller one
to make a pillow sham.

 Once I played around with the ribbons and found 
the best size to make the block I could 
begin cutting out the fabric to use as a backing 
to hold the ribbons.  It was decide to make 6 inch blocks
so I began cutting 6 1/2 inch pieces of white fabric.
Then using a friXion pen to mark the 1/4 inch
seam allowance for placement of the ribbons.

Using clear thread with white
cotton thread in the bobbin and a zigzag stitch 
I started attaching the ribbons to the backing fabric.

 The first 3 with the proposed arrangement.

 The first set of 15 done and arranged on the design wall.
I am thinking of using a deep royal purple (I know it looks blue here) 
with them, for borders and maybe sashing, not sure about the sashing
yet, will see if I need them to help with sizing of the quilt.

This is going to be really pretty, I know you can not really see
it in the picture but the gold sparkles and the ribbon
fabric shines.  
Most of the main colors will be blue, red and purple.

Now off to shop for deep purple fabric.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How about a Ribbon Quilt

Ribbon Quilt

It has been a busy week or so.

Embroidered 8 Fal hoodies

14 hoodies for 

T & T Taxidermy

And now the beginnings of a ribbon quilt.
Looks like we well get a queen size with all the 
ribbons Emma has earned during her 
4 H show years.

 Almost all of
 the ribbons are prepared.
Now to finalize the design.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Scraps, scraps and MORE SCRAPS

Scraps, scraps and MORE SCRAPS

My goal this year is to use my scraps.
This year began (for the purpose of using up scraps)
in mid September and will go thru 2019.
I am overwhelmed with the amount of scraps I have.  
15 years of making quilts produces a lot of those odd
pieces of fabric that are left over when the yardage is cut up into 
the pieces for blocks, sashes, borders, binding and backs.
I have made 5 tops so far and guess what,
I don't think I have made a dent, they just keep multiplying.

 I have sorted by size, well length, that took several days
Really it did, a girl can only sort for so long without getting 
bored to death.
 Once I had them sorted by size, I put them into zipper bags.
Then I sorted by color for certain designs like the log cabin
that bag has all green and white/cream for logs and
I was able to find reds for the center.
 I have something like 4 more bags like this to sort,
now you can understand why I believe this will take a year and a half
at least.
There are also drawers with scraps, one is full of precut squares and

Long strips waiting to be sewn.
 Half square triangles being made ready for a top

 Left overs from cutting triangles from newly created yardage.
I told you they just keep growing. 
That stack is now 3 times that size.  OY!
And I even threw some out....I know.....say it is not so.

One of dozens of newly created yardage from sewing strips together.
Some are  cut into strips, from 3 inches up to 6 inches wide,
some into triangles.  
 With the half square triangles I created the above top.

And from the 6 inches strips the top below.

More strips have been combine to make backs for these two tops,
I will show them later.

I finished up the log cabin top today so I have that to show you
as well.  For now I will sign off.

Have a blessed evening.  Time to go tuck the chickens in.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Computer Carry Bag

Computer Carry Bag

I have been threatening to make a bag to carry our computers in while on trips, for a long time.

It took a while to find one I really liked, I shopped for a ready made bag.
Not really anything out there that suited my fancy.
Then I came upon a class on Craftsy.com 
by Annie Unrein  called
and really liked how she constructed her bags so I explored her
website  @  Byannie.com  www.byannie.com  
and found just what I was looking for.  

Executive Carryalls 2.0
Annie carries all the supplies to make her bags except your fabric of choice.

Below is my bag.

Here are some details and the pattern is full of nice 
details including zippers, pockets, no raw seams and more.

A nice large zippered pocket on the inside, 
a sleeve in the bottom to put in something to stabilize the bottom
of the bag, we choose a piece of plywood (of course 
what else would we use with a wood shop). 

Another pocket on the other side, nice for all kinds of
accessories.  See the finished seams.

Nicely padded on the carry strap.  Three layers thick.

Handles, strong with webbing inside.
Double zipper closure.

Adjustable carry strap and really nice hardware.

Back pocket, as well as a strap for looping over a suit case handle.

Two front pockets, one with a zipper.

The bag stands up on it's own because of the liner 
Annie suggests using, called Soft and Stable.
Great stuff and easy to work with.

I decided after the bag was constructed to add our monogram.
I should have done that before construction, to thick to hoop.
So instead I made a patch using left over pieces (which were not many)

Here is the completed bag.

This is not a fast project, but a well thought out pattern
that I am very happy with.

Thank you Annie  @ byannie.com for a great pattern
and quality supplies. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Leather Quilting

Quilting in Leather

I have been interested in learning to quilt and embroider on leather 
for a while now.  When I found an artist teaching this
techniques online I just had to give it a try.

The class Cathy had open is called Goddess

I made a few changes to my piece from her original.  
Instead of a face I choose to put my flowers in a pot.
After quilting on my Nolting long arm I began the dyeing process
All of the steps took quite a bit of time.

A bit further on the dyeing, sure makes the design pop

Here is my completed rendition.

"Leather Blooms"

As well as the brown dye of the original I wanted 
color, so took my ink pens to it.  
Also adding crystals for a little more bling

 Some close ups of the detail follow.

 Inking and crystals.

Hung in the stair well leading up to my studio.

Now I am considering what to do next in leather.

It was easy to do.
  I enjoy using this different material 
as well as the dyes and inks. 

Cathy has other great designs to try
or perhaps I will design something of my own.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Applique Baby Quilt

Rock-A-Bye Rainbow Baby Quilt

I was asked to make this quilt.  
It is such a cute quilt, all done with raw edge applique.
Here is my rendition as I began to place all
the pieces where they go.  

 Adding the details, cute applique eyes and embroidered smile on the sun.
A butterfly enjoying the suns warmth.
Bright rainbow colors color the sky of blue.

Baby left by the stork and small woodland creatures looking
after her.  

 Another butterfly, fluttering by, while a baby duck swims in the pond.

 A pair of love birds in a tree.

All of the elements are blanket stitched, with embroidery details.

 Baby has removable diaper, and hand embroidered details.

A closer look at the butterfly.

Hand embroidered details, french knot eyes.

Machine embroidery making this little Ava's quilt.

Baby needed a pink bow.  

And finally a binding of many colors.
I hope Ava will like her quilt.  
A gift from her grandma, Pat.  
That I was privileged to make.