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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
Custom quilts and embroidery, also longarm quilting service. No two quilts alike, made especially for you. Feel free to contact me if you want a special work of art for yourself.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Susan's Quilt

I want to share with you the comfort quilt 
that was made for a dear friend
of many..Susan.
Many ladies helped make this quilt possible
each heart is an expression of love 
to Susan, we all hope that this quilt brings
comfort and hugs

to see close up pictures of each heart
you can go here....

Thank you everyone for the part you played in making this possible.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have had this basket for awhile and decided it needs to be lined
The rose fabric is one I have also had for some time
it won't stop fading no matter how many
times I wash it or how many 'tricks' 
I use to stop the bleeding
So this is a perfect use for it, it can't fade
and ruin a quilt (unless it is still on a quilt when it rains or is otherwise wet).

You can see the size of it in reference to the thread cone.
I decided to quilt the bottom on my domestic machine.
I really like how it turned out, but I can tell you with the sloped sides it took me
alot longer to do then I expected and I had to make several
not so pretty adjustments.  LOL.