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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Celebrating 99 years

Our little town, just celebrated it's 99th birthday. We began our day with a picnic (I didn't get pictures) at a nearby camp ground/park/ historical site. After the picnic we returned to town for vendor booths, horse races, parade and more. Check out the website for Hyattville. Here you will find alot of fun things that go on around here and see some of the faces that make up this piece of the earth Kirk and I call home.

I worked for a couple months to prepare for the day, making 64 bars of soap and 5 quilts. Here is my "booth" table....it was not very busy since this is the first year for vendor booths. I really can not complain with about 30 or so people who came by I sold 15 bars of soap and a quilt. I think I will do it again next year, and with a whole year to prepare.........I plan to have more items.

The day also included a mixture of weather, hot (about 100*) sunny, thunder and lightening, clouds, wind and rain. Yes, it rained and pretty good for about 10 minutes, it was nice since it cooled things off, though we did have to cover everything up and hold down our umbrella's and awnings as the wind tried to blow them away.

I did get pictures of the parade, it was very small but alot of fun.

Here we have the future of Hyattville, they are so adorable.
Sorry this picture is a little blurry, I forgot to take the micro setting off. Sigh.

Now some of the other parade entries. Check out the background, isn't it a pretty place. We feel so blessed to be able to live here, each time I look abound I thank the Father. BTW, the house in the back ground is the one Kirk helped build. If you know of anyone who wants a new home with beautiful details, let them know this new 4 bedroom house is for sale.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures, I have more but did not want to over do it.

After a full day, the bands began and we danced in the street until 12:30.....well, some did, Kirk and I quit at about 10:30.....we came home and crashed....a long good day, and a good nights sleep.....

I have put the quilts and soaps that I did not sell on my Etsy shop, with hopes of them finding new homes.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Destiny's Christmas Stocking

Hello to my readers. What a busy time it has been lately, things may be slowing down, right? Right!! LOL.

Here are a couple more seams on Destiny's stocking. I think this feather stitch is one of my favorite seam treatments, I use it on almost everything. You can see the beginnings of the "D" for her stocking, it is done now with alot of french knots.

Below is a treatment I have been wanting to do for awhile. It is on the cover of Carole Samples book, Treasury of Crazy Quilting Stitches, I really like it, the beads are my addition.

BTW, did you know Miss Carole has her own blog now, check it out here
If you do not have this book I highly recommend it, it is so full of inspiration you will be scanning it often for ideas.

I have been working on putting together quilts and soaps for a sale. The sale was yesterday (this is what gives me the idea I will have more time........ROTFL). I need to down load the pictures from the day so I can share with you the fun/hot/windy/rainy/day we had. Tomorrow, yes?

Hugs to all.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brillante Weblog Award

Wow what a nice surprise an award, how cool. Suzy has honored me with this award and she said because..........."Gail was the first to inspire me to start a blog." It is really wonderful to find I have inspired someone.

Suzy inspires me all the time, and I have the honor of owning a quiltlet made by her.....I will share that next time.

We are suppose to pass this award on to 5 people who have inspired us.

These ladies are friends, Cqers and a huge inspiration.

Susan.......who is a very dear friend who has been so giving to me that she has inspired me to be a more giving person.

Candi.......who is also very dear to me and because of her generosity has also inspired me to be a more giving person.

Leslie........another very giving friend, I see her giving of her time daily to others.

Veronica..........again, such a giving soul. Because of Veronica and her giving spirit the quilts for Arnie went from 1 to 4......one for each member of the family.

Thelma.........another great lady who gives of her time and shows such patients.

Thank you ladies for being an inspiration to me in life and in art.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Destiny's Christmas Stocking

Oh my how time does fly, I would have though it only 2 days since I last posted, but alas that is not the case.

I have begun work on my granddaughters Christmas stocking. Below you will find a repost of the pieced stocking. Here is the centerpiece of the stocking. A beautiful silkie of a young woman in pink, to frame it I used detach chain stitch with french knots at the base and a spider rose. The seam treatment to the right is ric rac, with Sassa Lynne thread for the herringbone stitch, straight stitch and french knots. More on the other seams next time.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Comfort Quilts for Arnie & Family

This has been quite a blessing for me. When we found out about the struggles Arnie would be going though, I put out a call to my two online quilt groups for orphan blocks so I could make him a comfort quilt. The ladies on these lists, Quilters On Review and Trading Fabrics rose to the call and way, way beyond. Because of the generosity of the ladies on these lists we made 4 quilts, one for each member of the family.

This is Arnie's quilt, the top was donated by Veronica, backing by Moria. It was my pleasure to sandwich, quilt and bind.

Cheri's quilt, came from a collection of blocks made by different members of the two lists, Moria again gave the backing. I got to assemble the blocks into a top, quilt and bind this beauty for Cheri. Thank you to Suzy, Susan, Kate, Yvonne, Veronica for the blocks.

The following quilts were given by Veronica, complete and ready to give for the kids. They are darling quilts perfect for Dillon and Hailey.

Lorri Chambers wrote a poem to use on comfort quilts and she gave me permission to use it on these quilts, the poem is below. I did make a small change and added TF for the Trading Fabrics group that share in this project as well.


This is a quilt of many prayers
made by many with their hearts
each stitch is a blessing that illness,
fear and worry will depart.

Wrap it tight around you
and feel the love of all who made
this quilt of many prayers
just for you.

You may not know them personally
but they are very special and rare,
their prayers silently spoken that
you know how much they care.

So stay strong and win the deeds ahead
and keep your quilt of many prayers close by,
For the ladies of QOR and TF, will keep you by and by.

Lorri Chambers june 1 2008

Yvonne also sent $20.00 which paid for the postage to send the quilts, which went in the mail yesterday. I sent them to my DDIL, she will deliver them, since we did not want them sitting on a porch unattended. I am looking forward to hearing all about their delivery.

I have been so blessed by the generosity that has been shown for this family. God is so good and He has surly given good hearts to all who helped with this be it with material items or prayers. To check on Arnie and his progress check out the blog made for them.....Krah Family

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Challenge Block & Quiltlet

My online quilting group is holding an online retreat while some of our group are at the real retreat. They are holding several activities.

One is a challenge block, we were sent two fabrics (roses and lime tone on tone) a bit of lace and a button, we there were to create a 6.5 block with these items. The blocks will be voted on and whom ever wins takes all. We have 20 players. Here is my block.

Click for a close-up

Next is a quiltlet swap, this is my quiltlet. It is 16" x 16" I will receive someone else's in return.

There is also a mystery
quilt, I don't know yet if I
will do that one.

It will be fun to see
the results.