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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Destiny's Christmas Stocking

Hello to my readers. What a busy time it has been lately, things may be slowing down, right? Right!! LOL.

Here are a couple more seams on Destiny's stocking. I think this feather stitch is one of my favorite seam treatments, I use it on almost everything. You can see the beginnings of the "D" for her stocking, it is done now with alot of french knots.

Below is a treatment I have been wanting to do for awhile. It is on the cover of Carole Samples book, Treasury of Crazy Quilting Stitches, I really like it, the beads are my addition.

BTW, did you know Miss Carole has her own blog now, check it out here
If you do not have this book I highly recommend it, it is so full of inspiration you will be scanning it often for ideas.

I have been working on putting together quilts and soaps for a sale. The sale was yesterday (this is what gives me the idea I will have more time........ROTFL). I need to down load the pictures from the day so I can share with you the fun/hot/windy/rainy/day we had. Tomorrow, yes?

Hugs to all.....


Susan said...

I love that feather-stitch seam, too. I have seen your letters before and can imagine this D with the French knots. You did a great job on that seam from the cover - like the beads. I love beads on things - lots and lots of tiny beads. LOL!

Beautiful stocking!

sandi a. said...

Lovely crazy quilting work!!! I find crazy quilting is like "eye-candy"!