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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

I have been Neglectful

I want to touch bases with you all, I have been very neglectful with all of my blogs. I hope I am beginning to get back into a more settled place.

We gave Ken his quilt on July 5th at Claudia's memorial service and he was/is very touched. He can't believe how everyone came together for him, people he does not even know.

Our kitty, Missy Mew, who we believe was bitten by a snake is now back to her ornery little self, we were very worried about her, she was a very very sick kitty for nearly a month. At one point we feared brain damage because of the sickness, thankfully we were wrong.

My current projects include a king size log cabin quilt for our bed. Instead of a regular backing my plan is to do a 2 sided quilt, I have found a pattern I like so we shall she how all that comes together. So I still need to piece another top to become the back to my log cabin. LOL.

There is an American Hero's quilt on my machine, it is taking a long time because I had to rip out one and a half rows of quilting.........it is ready to begin quilting again. I really do not like the design I am doing but it is to late to do anything about that. So now for a test run before starting again.

Also, making soaps for Ole Timers a celebration of the Anniversary of our town, with this year being 100 years. I need to do more soaps, it is next Sunday. Have been playing with different techniques.

We also have (well Kirk has) been putting a porch on the house. Tomorrow we have to go cut fire wood, and need to make a few more trips before winter (yes, winter is coming).

Thanks for hanging in there with me....