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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Celebrating 99 years

Our little town, just celebrated it's 99th birthday. We began our day with a picnic (I didn't get pictures) at a nearby camp ground/park/ historical site. After the picnic we returned to town for vendor booths, horse races, parade and more. Check out the website for Hyattville. Here you will find alot of fun things that go on around here and see some of the faces that make up this piece of the earth Kirk and I call home.

I worked for a couple months to prepare for the day, making 64 bars of soap and 5 quilts. Here is my "booth" table....it was not very busy since this is the first year for vendor booths. I really can not complain with about 30 or so people who came by I sold 15 bars of soap and a quilt. I think I will do it again next year, and with a whole year to prepare.........I plan to have more items.

The day also included a mixture of weather, hot (about 100*) sunny, thunder and lightening, clouds, wind and rain. Yes, it rained and pretty good for about 10 minutes, it was nice since it cooled things off, though we did have to cover everything up and hold down our umbrella's and awnings as the wind tried to blow them away.

I did get pictures of the parade, it was very small but alot of fun.

Here we have the future of Hyattville, they are so adorable.
Sorry this picture is a little blurry, I forgot to take the micro setting off. Sigh.

Now some of the other parade entries. Check out the background, isn't it a pretty place. We feel so blessed to be able to live here, each time I look abound I thank the Father. BTW, the house in the back ground is the one Kirk helped build. If you know of anyone who wants a new home with beautiful details, let them know this new 4 bedroom house is for sale.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures, I have more but did not want to over do it.

After a full day, the bands began and we danced in the street until 12:30.....well, some did, Kirk and I quit at about 10:30.....we came home and crashed....a long good day, and a good nights sleep.....

I have put the quilts and soaps that I did not sell on my Etsy shop, with hopes of them finding new homes.


Candi said...

Gail, thanks for sharing the pic's and your booth looks great! You did good for the first year!

Susan said...

That looks like so much fun! Your booth looks lovely. How much do they want for the house?

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I really enjoyed them. House looks amazing. Know you had a great time. Y

Gina said...

Lovely pictures of what looks like a great day

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Threadspider said...

That looks like a wonderful day.Thanks for the pictures and sharing it with us.

sandi a. said...

Celebrations are so much fun! My little home town had it's 125th celebration in June and it was great fun!