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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Terry's quilt

Well after a year of messin around, it is done. I love the way the top has turned out.
The pattern is from Fron & Porter. I do not remember which month it is from but I think it was in 07, I can find it if anyone wants it. It is called....A Brave New World.

The corners of the border were a tough one, but after awhile I figured it out. I don't think they are "quilterly correct" but they are done. LOL

This is a little closer look. The requested colors were, black, white, and purple...I added in some greens. Now to get it on the long arm.


Candi said...

The quilt looks beautiful Gail! I love seeing what you do:)

Susan said...

That looks great, and I love the colors. I can't see anything wrong with those corners, so they must be quilterly correct. =)

Franie said...

Love the look of this quilt! Great job Gail! I love to see your work--you accomplish a lot and do beautiful work too.

Kasey said...

Beautiful Quilt. I am just a beginner and am doing small appliqued wall hangings for Christmas presents. I will be back to check your site to see your other creations. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

This is gorgeous...I love the colors you used-they reallybring the pattern out!

Day-Day said...

I love this quilt it looks wonderful. Well done

Shannon said...


Thelma said...

It looks great to me Gail!