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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Susan's Quilt

I want to share with you the comfort quilt 
that was made for a dear friend
of many..Susan.
Many ladies helped make this quilt possible
each heart is an expression of love 
to Susan, we all hope that this quilt brings
comfort and hugs

to see close up pictures of each heart
you can go here....

Thank you everyone for the part you played in making this possible.


Gail said...

I am posting this for Susan, for some reason my blog won't let her comment................

I love my quilt! It's the greatest thing anyone has ever made for me. It's beautiful! And filled with love. Thank you!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Gail, This quilt is amazing, and so
is your blog! Thank you for visiting my Flora Doora blog and
the kind comments. I will be
thinking of mountain style Flora
Dooras...what a great idea! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Flora Doora