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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

50th Anniversary Quilt

50th Anniversary Quilt - Finished

The 50th Anniversary Quilt  is all finished.

Lots of pictures to share.
Get a cup of tea and enjoy.

 Finally made it to the end.  All the quilting is done.

This is a whole cloth quilt, and as you can see intense
quilting.  I do believe there has to be 100,000  pebbles quilted into
this top.

Lots of feathers of differing kinds, swirls and flowers.

 There are words, and cross hatching (1/4 inch cross hatching).

 Scallops and well many different things to explore.

 Then there is the embroidery.  
I made these pieces on the embroidery machine.  Used 3 
spools of metallic thread and each one of
the 4 piece strips took 90 minutes to stitch out, plus the
single piece took 23 minutes, each flower 16 minutes.
The eagle took 76 minutes, and butterflies 11 minutes each.
This does not count the time for the names.

Instead of stitching the lace directly onto the fabric, I instead
stitched it onto  bridal tulle.  After the
quilting was finished I appliques the lace pieces onto the quilt top
with my long arm.  I also applied the eagle, and butterflies the same way.  
The only things embroidered directly onto the top 
are the names and 50th Anniversary.
All lace and names are done in Military Gold by Superior Threads. 
The lace designs are from Angela Wolf's collection. 
Eagle and butterflies I believe came from Embroidery Library.

The eagle and butterflies are done in a cream color.  

 The butterflies are for their son who has gone to be with the Lord.

Here I am applying two ring pockets as requested.  
Using my long arm to do the work.  I have never used my long arm for
this kind of work and ya know what, it works great and I do not have to fight 
with a huge quilt under my domestic machine.  To cool.

I do have to say I am very pleased with the outcome and 
seeing it off the long arm and spread out kinda took my breath away.

There is some of that cross hatching.

 I also applied the first round of the binding to the quilt 
while still on the long arm,  Also a first.  I like doing it this way,
so much easier then wrestling a king size quilt under the domestic machine.  
Well it save one round anyway.

 .  Doing the corners was so easy, too.  Not to mentions squaring up 
the quilt.

 Turned out great.

Finally the label.

It is now ready to send off 
to its new home.

I am honored to have been trusted with this beautiful quilt for
two very special people.

Congratulations my friends.  


Karrin Hurd said...

Gorgeous quilt and quilting! Congratulations on the finish!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Gail, that is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Your work is exquisite - all of it. The quilting is so beautiful. I wish I could see it in person, as I imagine it is even more stunning up close. What a wonderful thing you've made.