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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ken's Comfort Quilt

On June 4th we lose one of our dear neighbors and friend to an unexpected death. It has effected all of us in our small town. Claudia's death left us all stunned not to mention the
shock to her family. Her husband Ken is doing pretty well considering.

I decided that it would be good to make a comfort quilt. Putting out the call on two of my quilt lists and in town 30 orphaned blocks arrived and a nice amount of cash donations. Of course not all 30 blocks are being used in this quilt, but will be saved for a future need.

Fabric, batting and thread purchased, work began on construction of the quilt. Spending most of the afternoon for 3 days, sashing, and borders went together.

My vision for the quilt worked out well. Done in dark chocolate brown, sage and blue.

There is one pink block in the middle of the quilt, which is to represent Claudia.

Here you can see the detail of the borders. Sage green, with a blue flip (that is what I call it) border and brown outer border. The quilt is a very nice size to snuggle under for a man who is 6 feet tall.

Once I get the quilting done (tomorrows work) it will go to Marylou for binding. Kris has enlisted the help of her sister to embroider the label on her machine.

Claudia's service is July 5th, and it is our goal to present Ken with his quilt then.

The label will read

This quilt is filled with hugs,
to comfort you and keep you snug.
Don't worry about washing the hugs away,
they are sown in to stay.
In loving memory of Claudia.

I want to thank every person who has helped us make this quilt a possibility.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quilt is Finished

A couple more details on Kasey's quilt.

A block close up.

And the label for the quilt, which is edged in lace.

The quilt is ready to mail, tomorrow I hope.

Note: to see more details see previous post.

Now onto finishing the logcabin quilt, and making a comfort quilt for my neighbor Ken.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quilting done

The quilting is finished.......(what is with the underlining????)
Please click for a closer look.
The white blocks have a double heart with feathers

A close up of the side borders and half square triangles (where'd the underlining go??)
In the half square triangles I did not echo the hearts feathers because of space.

In this photo I wanted you to see the upper corner of the border with the feather design, and the quarter square triangle design.

Next, is a picture of the lower corner of the border.

Tomorrow I will get the binding on, as well as the label.