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Friday, April 11, 2008

Snow & Ice........ Christmas Stocking Update

Oh my goodness have I been in a fog or something, I have been such a failure at posting to my blog, please accept my apologizes. I don't know what the deal is...........anyhow

Some more updates on the Snow & Ice Christmas stocking, it is about 75% done now. On my Carole Samples list one of our assignments was to create a block and use some of the stitches on page 104-105 on the block, I decided to use the back of the stocking. So the stitches and designs you see below all come from this source.

I do want to share a little something. I seem to be in a frump, and I believe this is the problem I am having these days. Stitching is happening, but not like before when that is about all I could do. Perhaps it is spring fever, I don't know for sure. I do know that I am drawn to my herbal studies alot these days...one of the things I want to do in this area is to stitch up renditions of the herbal plants I study, maybe this will be the direction I go, we shall see. I appreciate you patience with me, I hope I will regain my desire soon. God Bless you all.


MakesMeSmile said...

wow Gail... awesome stuff. I so admire the CQ, it's just not for me to do. Your stitches are all so even,!

Susan said...

Is there room on the frump bench for me?

At least you did something, and it's beautiful! I've done one seam, and I'm not even sure now if it was on those pages! I haven't done this week's sampler, either.


everything looks great! and your in a frump? I havenmt worked any cq in over a week...I must get with it today! Thanks for sharing pics of your works! *~*CAROLE*~*

Judy S. said...

Maybe your "frump" is from the overly long winter? I've not used my sewing machine in ages and have been feeling guilty about that, esp. since I've got a baby quilt to work on, so maybe I'll join you and Susan on her "frump bench." That in itself would be a good trick or require a very, very long bench since we're all pretty far away! Your stocking IS looking great though!