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Saturday, February 14, 2009

RR details

I am in a RR (round robbin) group with 5 other gals. We do about 3 rounds a year.

We have just begun a new round and this is Susan's block (stocking).

My goal was to bring the red and green down into the toe area. So using red rayon thread and green Sassa Lynne "Serendipity", I think I did it. Starting with the buttonhole stitch, in the red rayon, it needed something else so I used Carole Stamples templates to help me get good half circles, using a chain stitch for the outline. Next came another set of half circles in green and some dark green beads along the buttonhole stitch.

Next I wanted to dress up the edge of the lace that was already on the block, so with the green Sassa Lynne I created a row of herringbone stitches, adding 3 detatched chain stitches inbetween, simulating a flower, and some burgundy beads to dress it up.

The stocking is on its way to Karrin, next in line to work on it.


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Anonymous said...

I love it. I'll take it! =)