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Monday, September 07, 2009

T-shirt dedesign & Christmas CQ

I wanted to redesign the collar of this t-shirt. I don't like things against my neck so after checking out the internet on how to do this, I dove in and here are the results.

I also shortened the shirt, no more puckers of fabric around my waist, which doesn't need any more attention. LOL

This is DD, Samantha's Christmas table runner done in Crazy Quilting. I put together the table runner and sent it around my CQ group for help in decorating the seams. It has been to Texas, California, Arizona, South Dakota and is back here in Wyoming so I can add my touches and finish it off. Last year when Samantha, Andy and the boys visited for Christmas we went to Cody, Wy. for after Christmas sales and she started getting blue, crystal and white things for a new scheme for her dining room. So this is part of that.

Click on
the pictures
for a
closer look
at the

by Susan and Moira

Close up of seams details

Spider and web by Susan.....spiders and webs are good luck in CQ

More details of the table runner to come. Believe it or not Christmas is only 3 months away.


Connie said...

Love what you did to your T-shirt. It would make it more comfortable as well!

Oh, the table runner is beautiful. My mother would do that kind of stitching - what a treasure you have made!

Susan said...

The shirt looks great. I don't like things around my neck, either. I don't know how my MIL could stand all those turtle neck shirts!