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Friday, January 22, 2010

Log Cabin Quilt

The Log Cabin quilt is finally on the long arm, ready to begin the quilting tomorrow (I hope).

I began work on this quilt nearly a year ago. I had collected the fabrics months before and knew what design I was doing, it has just taken time to get all the blocks finished. Of course I did not work on it all the time either. The colors in this quilt were chosen to reflect the colors of the beautiful red bluffs around here and the green vegetation on them.

A close up, the colors came out pretty good in the picture.

The border, cool fabric isn't it.

The center of the quilt (goes in the white space in the first picture). I will add this after the quilting is done, I wanted this to be different, and did not want the stippling on the back of the quilt, so opted to add it after.

To see the backing fabric you can go here , it is really cool and will make the quilt reversible without making more blocks which might have taken another year. LOL

I will post the quilting when it is done, it is getting close to going on our bed.


Connie said...

Red bluffs and green vegetation - what a wonderful source of color inspiration! I do believe you have done it - some of the fabric is really neat. Ahhhhhh, to be done. You are almost there - congrats!

Moira said...

Love the quilt Gail!

BTW - I gave you a blog award. See my blog....


Nan said...

Oh it has wolves on the back. They shoot, trap, and hunt wolves from planes up here in Alaska. I am NOT for this as I am a wolf lover and believe the predators have their place, after all we're the top predator on the planet right. I made that log cabin quilt myself for my first one. I had a teacher telling me now do this and now do that so it went very fast. Since then (2003) I have made 40 quilts. Thanks for visiting me over on Retired in Alaska on Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks so big laid out like that! How's the quilting going?