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Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Lock Enterprise

Baby Lock Enterprise
Wow, things have been crazy around here the last few weeks
We (Kirk and I) have been waiting for
some things to fall into place.  It took awhile
but things have finally happened.  

One of the things is to start a new business.
It goes along with another venture but 
I will save that for another day.

The new business is Embroidery
Custom embroidery.
Blue Hills Embroidery

After much research the Baby Lock Enterprise 
10 needle embroidery machine was chosen.
I am not accustom to spending that much money, 
I was very nervous the day we pick it up.

After some frustration (getting acquainted) I have
learned to play well with my machine, though I still have
a ton to learn.

One of our first designs stitching out
Don't laugh at the colors, as I only have a few and
had to make due.

Oh this machine does beautiful work, oh my I am so 
happy with it.  It has great features.

Below;  adding letters to my daughters bag....so pretty.
Here is the bag finished, do you think she will
be the best dressed teacher at school?

Then I decided to put names on quilts.  
I am getting pretty good at positing things 

Here we have Chad's quilt
and Ashlee's
Playing with some of the letter options 

So here she is
What should I name her?
Your suppose to give your machines names...right?

Much to learn, but I pray I will please the Lord with this business
We will do custom work, focusing on the off road racing  sport.
BUT......I will do other things too, hoping for alot of local work.
Quilt labels, quilt squares, jackets, hats, if I can hoop it
we will embroider it.


Lorri Lee Chambers said...

This is awesome and I know who to come to when I need some things All the success in the world.

Anonymous said...

That really IS a fancy machine and set up. Do you have that upstairs in the quilt studio?