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Friday, August 29, 2014

Taz Quilt Completed

Taz Quilt Done

Happy to say the Taz quilt is done
I was not sure along the way if I would like the results
It turned out better then I expected
in fact
I like it!

Now for some final highlights.
The center was kicked up a notch with the 
addition of two borders, one in a bright fushia, and
the other in the blue of the blocks.   It really made a huge difference.
 The label embroidered
 Adding one of the elements to the backing of the quilt
 Picture of Erin and Brooklyn printed out.
 On the long arm at last, ready to begin quilting.
 Quilting underway, using a variegated 4 tone blue thread.
 Another look at the quilt on the longarm.
 Here you are looking at the reflection of the back of the quilt
in mirrors that are under the quilt as it is on the long arm.
You are seeing another element on the back of the quilt, an
embroidered eagle. 
 Close up of one of the embroidered and quilted blocks
 Erin and Brooklyn's embroidered name block being quilted.
 Picture block added to the quilt and quilted.
 To the borders I also added a flange trim and the binding.  
I am happy with this quilt and hope it's new owners will be also.
I call this quilt finished.

Next up is a POOH quilt and a Hunting quilt.
and a special request 
bathrobe for one of my grandsons
stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

That turned out great! I love the main medium blue you used.