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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

J&Ms Lime Quilt Pt4

J &M's Lime Green Quilt

Part 4  

It is on the longarm!
I have never had a quilt test my skills quilt like this one has.

I am pleased with the out come so far.  
I started this quilt nearly a year ago
for my son and daughter in law.
I was given the colors
lime green,
grey and white.
The rest was up to me to design.

Once the pattern and fabric were decided the piecing began
but I was not happy with what was happening so
I changed up the blocks.  I made tons of  lime and black
diamond blocks and some of the logcabin corner blocks.
This is where changes began, the corners just did not work in my eyes.
So I redid them.
Next I started putting the main blocks together but 
I could see that this was not going to be pleasing. 

After much pondering and some inspiration,
the idea to do different pieced borders came to light.
Thus you see 4 pieced borders and several floaters
(borders that are plain but fill space).
Each border was a thought process and I can say I like how 
they all turned out.  I was able to use up all of those many
lime and black blocks as you can see in the picture below,
they became one of the borders AND enough to make 
more larger blocks to make the backing bigger (below).
Some close ups of borders
This quilt is 112 inches square and the extra wide
backing fabric only come in 108 inch widths, so
those extra blocks I mentioned a moment ago became 
part of the backing.  You can see them reflected in the 
mirror below.
Then I had to load this bad boy on my machine.
Noting that there is a center to this backing, which normally
is one piece so makes no difference if it is centered or not.
 Not the case this time,  finding the center was not a
problem, but wrestling  something  112 inches square 
is another story.  LOL 
Normally when I work on the longarm, I start at the top
and work down but with this needing to be somewhat centered
I will start in the middle and work my way out.
It is hard to explain all the ways this has tested my skills.
Perhaps we could compare it to raising a child,
alot of love, and patience were involved.
Next up, the quilting.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous, Gail! I'm so excited to see it on the machine. This is two big projects you are finishing this year, and it's only the start of the year!

Gail said...

Thank you Susan. Yes, two big ones. I am finding I really like these more complicated tops. I think next up will be a civil war sampler.