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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Quilting

Summer Quilting

Catching Up

Where, pray tell, does the time go?

2 months gone!
I am happy to report that
Lime-A-Lishes and Ruffled Roses 
are completed.
It is good to be done, but 
I have felt a little lost now that the work
on these two quilts is done, kind of like leaving old friends.

Both quilts were on display at our local quilt show
@ Cowboy Carnival 

Ruffled Roses
will be going to its new home with Josh and Michele when
we see them in July.

I also put  a couple more items in the show.

A wall hanging that I bought the kit for, 
 from Shabby Fabrics.  
There are two more in the kit that I need to finish up.
 My replacement travel bag.  
Again like losing an old friend, but now have gained a new one.
This bag was fun, in that, all of the fabrics, but one (the stars) were gifted
to me by another quilter who was cleaning out her stash.  
So now when I see this bag I think of Sue.

I have entrusted with a couple of commission jobs since April.

First an embroidery job, 
Martha is doing a wedding quilt and needed some
embroidery work done for it.

These both stretched my skills

With this first one, the lettering is quit large which
did not allow all the words to fit into one hoop.  In order to 
accomplish this large design I had to move the hoop 4 times.
 In order to make sure they were lined up beautifully
....a lot of measuring and nail biting was required.
but I got it done and am very happy with the outcome.

I did test samples first to make sure I
had things where I wanted them and to be able to make
any corrections before stitching out these final pieces.
 With the Love panel I had to line things up vertically, with the main
body aligning to the left.  This one took 6 hoop changes.

One last share today, I do have to make up for not posting right?
Another commission.

Gary's Harley quilt
Finished this up last night, now to get it into the mail.

I hope you like it Gary.
 Love having the embroider machine so I can add special details like names.
 Label for the back. 
I wanted the fabrics to shine so I did a simple meander for the quilting.

Well, that is it for now.  Up next.........time to make
new quilts for the grands. 

May your day be filled with blessings.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! My photo-loving soul is satisfied now. =) They are all amazing. I hope you daughter realizes how VERY fortunate she is. My children just get squares - nice squares, but still squares. LOL Love the flame fabric in the Harley quilt. It DOES seem to make the quilt on fire when seen from a distance! And how many grandchildren are getting quilts?

Moira said...

wonderful quilts and embroidery!