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Sunday, October 09, 2016

T's Flannel Rag Quilt

T's Flannel Rag Quilt

Making a rag quilt for my grandson
Seems he likes his dad's so much he hijacked it.
So he needs one of his own.
T picked most of the fabrics, some came from my stash.
Half done here.

Using the Accuquit for cutting all the pieces. 
Each block has 3 layers of flannel, 2  orange and one  print.

 Placing the fabric and cutting 4 at a time

The die cuts the fringe, much easier then using scissors.  
Enough on each cutting for 2 blocks.
Some of the prints we are using

Each block is sewn with an X which is the only quilting
 holding the quilt together.

Sewing the X in chain fashion
One of two stacks of sewn blocks. 
Adding some embroidery to a few of the blocks

Have been working on getting the rows together 8 done
8 to go.  This should be a cozy quilt.
T loves all things hunting, can you tell.
My design wall will only hold half of this queen quilt.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that is! I love that you're embroidering on some. That die cutter is certainly saving your wrists! Do you treat the fabric with anything, or just cut it as it comes?

Gail said...

Hi Susan;
Yes, the cutter is helpful. It still requires rolling it through which is a bit hard as well, but I don't have to cut all that fringe. No, no special treatment of the fabric, there is some waste though which is hard to accept. I was able to save some by cutting parts off to keep some strips. I am getting to the heavy work, joining the rows, these rag quilts are heavy to work with and then there is the flannel dust. LOL. But no longarm work or binding.