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Friday, March 03, 2017

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star Quilt

I am working on the Jasmine Star Quilt
designer is Marianne Elizabeth Nashua

I found this quilt in Quiltmakers Magazine 6 years
ago and fell in love with it.  Yes it is on the cover.
First kit I had ever purchased.

Can you see why, I fell right in love with this design.
So me.

So it has taken me a while to get to it.
But better late then never.

Spent several weeks working on the cutting out process.
My husband thought I was nuts, 
but in reality it was an enjoyable process and
really makes one pay close attention.  LOL.  

Our quilt group has a retreat at the end of January
and that was my goal to begin this top.
It will be a king size when done.

So here are some of the blocks
The center block.

There are 4 of the cream and raspberry and
4 of the block with the 4 patch in the middle
This is an on point design.
Center is finished and first border is on.

Just started sewing together the green blocks, took a bit to 
get all the components made, tons of flying geese units
24 green blocks (see design) to make.

It will be nice to have another quilt for our room.
I may see about selling this first though.  

I hope to have it finished for our quilt show at the end of May.

Stay tuned.  


Anonymous said...

Wow, Gail, you never pick the easy ones, do you? =) It is beautiful and can hardly wait to see the progress you make. I can't cut much in advance. I have all the parts for something cut, and I even labeled it, but none of it makes sense to me now, so ... something else will be made from the pieces. LOL

Gail said...

Sure seems that way doesn't it. I get bored pretty easy so a quilt that challenges me is best, that way I will work till it is done and not give up and move to something else. I have to make sure I keep working at the quilt I am doing, having to many things going is stressful and I forget what I was doing so best for me to stay focused.
I am having a bit of trouble with this one in that all the blocks are the same, so doing the 24 green and burgundy blocks is boring, if I can keep my focus for 3 or 4 blocks a day I am doing good. LOL.

xstchr said...

It is beautiful and does look complicated. One block at a time. Right?