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Saturday, April 14, 2007

American Hero Quilts

Finally it is warm enough to quilt again. What am I talking about? The room my longarm is in is unheated, thus when it is cold outside it is cold inside. My poor machine does not want to work in the cold anymore then I do. Yes I can heat the room with portable heaters but it takes hours, so to protect my longarm I took the winter off.

First quilts on the machine are the American Hero quilts that have been waiting for warm weather since winter set in.

This first quilt is one that has been put together by the gals on my quilt list Trading Fabrics.

My contribution is the longarm work.

This is the other quilt, it is more of a girly quilt, my addition is a simple meander with circles.

A bit of detail.

One more quilt to go and I will be able to get these into the mail to Sue at American Hero Quilts
I will post a picture later this weekend.

Until later.


Franie said...

Great job on the quilting. My favorite way to quilt too Gail--goes fast! Nice quilts for a worthy cause.

Susan said...

They look wonderful! That first quilt looks much better, not having seen it for a while. LOL!

I love loopies!