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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today's Long Arm Work

Thought I would share the work I am doing on my niece, Kasey's wedding quilt.

It took me a bit to decide and design what I would do, since what I wanted to do would not work out given the size of the blocks on the quilt and the limitation of 18" on my longarm. So on the plan 2.

So I went in search of something to draw a nice heart with, and ended up with my scrapbooking templates. Using 2 different sizes, placing one inside the other and putting feathers around the outside. The pen I am using here has disappearing ink, it is so cool to be able to draw on the fabric and then it just goes away.

Since this quilt is set on point, we have half square triangles around the edges so this is the design for that area.

The quilt has 3 boarders. The outside border has feathers, the 2nd border, meandering. Border #3 has a vine of leaves. As I advance the quilt to a new section I quilt 18" of each border on each side of the quilt, then do the center blocks.

Here you can see one of the half square triangles and one of the full squares. In the strip pieced squares and around the hearts is meandering. I do about 2 advances a day, by then it is time to stop for one reason or another. In this picture I have advance 4 times, with about 7 more to go.
One of the advances will fill in the stripped blocks with meandering and the other will include the hearts, feathers and meandering, both also including the border designs.

Remember to
click for a
better view.

So we are looking at about 4 more days on the long arm (it is so nice it is at home now, makes it so easy to go and work), then the binding and label.

Until later....God Bless


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is just beautiful! I sure envy you that longarm! I can just imagine that this quilt will be an heirloom to be passed on for generations.

Connie said...

Your work is beautiful. You can be really proud of this! My daughter loves the longarm and has a natural knack for it - always a nice way to finish the quilt.