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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Log Cabin Quilt

Aw, my Log Cabin quilt.....the one I have been working on here and there for over a year. It always gets put aside when another project comes on the scene. Such as a commissioned Crown Royal quilt (in progress). Revamping curtains for a local business (in progress), just to name two.

I am at the finishing point of my Log Cabin quilt now, the binding is being sewn down (between other projects) and once that is done, it will go on our bed, well after I put it in a quilt show or two.

Oh I forgot, besides the binding this piece has to be attached to the center of the quilt, this is an important bit of information because...........................

Calculate as I might, I still managed to mess up on the number of blocks I needed, now mind you I now have left over blocks that I could have put in this spot, but like I said.......calculate as I might! The panel will go where the white space is on in the picture below. It will make for a unique quilt but I really did not have to do this.........don't tell anyone, ok, it will be our secret, we will just pretend it was by design.....right?

The size of the quilt is king, and the table it is hanging from is 14 feet long (my long arm table). This picture was taken just before I began quilting it, which took me 3 weeks (between projects).

Here is a close up of the quilting in the center of the quilt. The colors are a representation of the colors of the red hills around our area, with many layers of different colors and dressed in the greens of late spring. The center of a log cabin quilt is always suppose to be red for the heart of the home, here it also represents the color of the Indian Paintbrush flower, the state wild flower of Wyoming.

More to come on the Log Cabin quilt......do come back for the finished project.

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Christine said...

Absolutely Beautiful! It was fun for me to come across your blog as my mom grew up in Wyola,and we spent a large portion of my childhood in the bighorns. I miss them!