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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marianne's Quilt - Part 1


Rossie has issued a challenge, it is called the 

The idea is to share the steps of your project, not just he finished picture.
Yes, this does require some extra work
I think it will be worth it and mostly hope it will encourage others to try quilting.

So here we go.......

My first Process Pledge post is the work I am doing
on Marianne's quilt.

This is a commissioned quilt, my second.
When we talked about colors Marianne wanted her quilt to be pink, she then enlisted
the help of her daughter to pick the colors, Leslie went fabric shopping
and brought me beautiful pinks, teal, aqua and turquoise fabrics
Next I went 'shopping' for a pattern to use
I did my 'shopping' over on The Quilter's Cashe
on this site Marcia has hundreds of quilt patterns for your use, some are well known 
patterns and others Marcia has created.  The pattern I chose is called
Garden Maze
you can find the pattern here

This is a intermediate pattern because it has alot of pieces, but me being me, I had to
kick it up a notch or two.  Marica gave several different variations on this and I had to go and combine a couple of them.  Well let me show you the pattern I printed off.
Remember this pattern is free at The Quilter's Cashe

There are 3 pages to this pattern and as you can see I make notes and highlight
the pattern so I hopefully will not miss any important information.
I note my fabric and what position it will play in the quilt
for this quilt, she had 2 fabrics, I am using 5 fabrics 
(I just increased the difficulty level 2 1/2 times) 
you will see why soon.

Page 2 of the pattern

More notes and I got out my colored pencils and colored parts of the pattern so I can follow my design
this pattern has two lattice type designs I want them to be different colors
and to weave in and out of each other.  So my lattice are light aqua and dark turquoise/blue
this will give me depth and alot of movement in the quilt.
I colored the part that will be dark with a dark blue pencil.
this way I can refer to this while piecing

on page 3

you can see some of the ideas for kickin up the design and one of them was to
put different colors in the corner of the block.  Well I like that idea, too.
I am putting fuchsia  in the corners, jewels of fuchsia .
so this kicked the difficulty up yet another 2 notches
at least for my pea brain it did.

I know your saying that is only 3 of the 5 colors, let me show you the finished block.

Ok now you can see the 5 fabrics.  Can you see how the lattice will weave?
It was not easy getting here, it seems straight forward when
you look at it but when one (at least this one) goes to execute  it
well that is another story, 

to help get things straight in my mind on how I was going to do this I drew it out in my idea book
made more notes and changes, began to cut the fabric for 1 and only 1 block
and I still did it wrong, because then I had to remember that one corner block went one way and the other another, that one had dark blue through the center the other aqua, 
after several tries and head scratching I had it, or so I thought
so I started sewing the block together, and 
nope, that is not right.  Out came the ripper again, take it apart.  Now if I put those fuchsia triangles here
and the pink ones where the fuchsia ones were, no-no thats not it,
put one pink on here and that one fuchsia one
where the pink one was.  Finally, ya.

Sew the block together...............it looks so pretty, but wait

 to be continued...........


Marydon said...

Looking pretty, my friend! Anxious to see the finished product.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon


I love these tutorials. Its wonderful to see how you make it from start to finish. I think learning and getting the first square will be the hardest part. I haven't tried it myself yet, so my hat's off to you! I told my husband today I NEEDED a sewing machine...and he laughed at me!! I WILL get one though! I can't wait for future posts!!!