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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Tote & Lunch Bag

Book Tote & Lunch Bag

Two more projects complete
First a Book/Computer Tote
A in the hoop Lunch bag.

First the tote, 
the inside pockets, a set for both sides.

 The completed tote, made from wool jackets
from the thrift store, washed and dried to felt.
This tote will go to my daughters mentor teacher, for helping her through
her student teaching, her last semester of college.

Next, for my daughter
a lunch bag she requested.
This is an in the hoop project.
Project Tutorial 
 In the hoop means all parts to the project are made on the embroidery machine
Here the sides are made, placing the lining on the back side
of the hoop (with spray adhesive) then
turning it back over and placing the batting, then the 
outside fabric.  Sew this out.  It quilts it, sews all the edges and
the circle, after each part is trimmed.

 The little snowman marks where the second side will be placed
see the next picture as the second side is partly sewn out.


This is the flap, outside fabric


 Lining of the side pieces (on the underside of the hoop)
 After making 4 sides, the flap and front and back panels, 
time to sew it together again done on the embroidery machine.
 The finished lunch bag.  
To cute.
 Inside, with one pocket.
Enjoy Sis

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