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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Camo & Taz

Camo & Taz

I have been asked by a friend to make some quilts
I made him one for his wife before Christmas
and they loved it so much that they have
asked me to make 4 more.
Thank you Terry and Billie for your trust and
the honor of making these for you.
The first two quilts are in the works now.

Taz and South Park are themes for one of  the quilts.
Believe it or not it is hard to find Taz fabric,
I did find a small piece (1 1/2 yards) so
we will be adding these fabrics.
The star fabric is for the back of the quilt.
The Taz, blue, cream, pink (just a small amount) and
black (not the brown) are for the front.
I have found some embroidery designs for both
theme ideas to add to it as well.
I will share those at another time.  

 Next up is the Camo quilt, theme is hunting.
I found this white camo fabric and am in love with it, 
to the point I bought some for myself.
The backing fabric is the tree print on the right.
the blocks will be the camo, bordered in brown and then green
I have removed the cream color from the pile.
I really like this combo.
After many hours of shopping (for fabric and embroidery designs)
I found some designs I really like and hope the T&B will like them also
Here is one and the test stitch out
isn't he great?
Terry always wants eagles and flags,
I love this combination.
This camo quilt is about hunting deer and bore hogs
here is one of the deer designs and its
test stitch out.  I have been lucky enough to find
some well done designs.

As I am typing this out, a design is stitching out on the embroidery
machine.  I will have more to share in a day or two.

I spent this morning deciding just how the Taz quilt will be designed
and figuring yardage.  It is up next for cutting and sewing.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter


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