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Friday, June 06, 2014



White Camo

Oh my goodness, I did not realize so much time had passed 
since my last post...it's June already???
We have been so busy and I have been helping DH with
some of his work.  
We just got back from a trip of 7 days and the yard looked
like a jungle so I spent the last 2 1/2 days making my way through 
the weeds and grass, about 2 more days to go but I am
sewing and blogging this afternoon, the weeds will still be there tomorrow.

I was able to get alot done on our trip, since I spent several days in the trailer
while others were out working the track/race.  Thank goodness for the 
person who invented generators.  I got the White Camo quilt top done all except the last

Let me recap a little, with a couple pictures of some of the 
The blocks are 12 inches, with a border of 1 inch in the brown.
There are other designs, which I will show you next.

As I mentioned I spent several days in our trailer sewing, that was my
work while others were out working the race.
Here you can see my sewing area (working on the Taz quilt blocks here)
and outside my window some of the winners checking into their check point.
Who knew I would have a front row seat. 
Working in the trailer was perfect and I got alot done.
There are 30 blocks in this quilt and they are put together with the green sashing.
I really like the green and brown combo.
The sashings are 1 inch wide.

Some detail shots.....sorry these are not great, my camera is
not the best, though I thought it would be when I bought it, wondering
if a phone might do a better job, I have seen some great 
pictures taken with phones.  

 This picture (below) is pretty cool.  There is a company (online) that 
will make you fabric, it is called Spoonflower.  This is a picture 
Terry sent me that he wants included in these quilts and I sent
it off and had this printed onto beautiful cotton fabric.  
So what do you think?  Cool?
I love it and ordered up some yardage, it would be fun to
create my own designs....something for my bucket list.

 Ok, better get sewing...working the Taz quilt, will 
post about it in a day or two.

May God Bless and Keep you. 

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