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Monday, March 16, 2015

Fractured Flowers Quilt

Fractured Flowers

with embroidered border

 I think spring is here and the to do list just tripled
the gardens are calling my name.

In January we had a retreat here in our town, oh such fun.
I was in the need of flowers and my youngest daughter
in need of a quilt.  So I began this for her.

It started with 3 charm packs, now I have never worked with
a charm pack before but these kind of called my name
so I sent for them. 

 I mixed them up (or so I thought) and sewed them together,
and it was ok, adding the border helped 
I was not really happy with it, just did not have enough spark.
So I decided to cut the rows in half, shift them around 
and resew, below is the result.
Ok, that is better, 
it still needed somethings....So
 I cut the columns in half, shifted them around
and sewed them back together
(and yes I just cut thru the border, too)
Oh there we go, much better.

 While at retreat, I learned about the 
Wing Clipper
A ruler for helping make flying geese.
I love this tool, it made the process so much easier.
I had considered making flying geese to add to this quilt
but they are such a pain, I scrapped that idea
until I used this.  See the pretty geese and they are perfect.
A great tool!
 A few weeks later I took a class on Craftsy.com
The class is on making sweatshirt jackets.  
The teacher had a technique for an edge treatment that I could use
for this quilt.
These flowers are involved and they are embroidered.
 I decided to also put some of the flowers in the middle of the quilt.
 A finished one

 Next came the outer border, with the flying geese

After adding the flying geese border, I did the quilting
with a floral design

The geese are only on two corners, opposing.
Next came the embroidered flowers 
This took alot of time but I think the results were
worth the effort.

I bound the quilt before putting on the embroidered flower
so that they would cover the binding ends.
With the flowers being on opposing corners, 
I left the area to be worked with them unbound.

The front
 The back, where I used some of the 
fabric from the border on the front.
This design took alot of removing from the machine,
trimming and changing of bobbins so that 
the back matched the front.  
I love the way the border is now trimmed
to the shape of the flowers, alot more 
interesting the a straight border and binding.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Gail, that is AMAZING! You did an outstanding job and turned something ordinary from a charm pack into something unique and extraordinary! She's going to love this, if you can bear to let it go. ;)

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Simply stunning for a rather simple layout, but you did with it afterwards is gorgeous!