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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quilting in the Big Horns

Quilting in the Big Horns

Where oh where does the time go?  What a busy summer!
We have been coming and going, 
going and coming.
Had our oldest grandson for 2 months and
had major damage to our home from high winds.

With winter approaching it is time to prepare for
the cold and snow.
But quilting and embroidery has not stopped.

I am sorry for the long absents, I am hoping to set a
goal for myself, to post at least once a week.  
Can I do it?  Time will tell.

I want to share my current project with you.
A large embroidery order that I think you will enjoy.

These 16 x 16 micro fiber towels are for the
up coming POWDER PUFF race, which
will take place on Oct 17th.

Only ladies will be driving in this off road desert race.

Of course as you can see it is a race toward 
the cure for cancer.

 On the embroidery machine.  Love those mighty hoops
They make hooping so much easier, worth every penny.
 Completed with business card attached

Work center.  Preparing business cards, adding jute
instead of ribbon (to standard), then attaching
to the towels with safety pins.  I am going to have to buy some
more safety pins since I am using my quilting pins, is what
I had on hand.  Can not just pop over to the store from here.  :)

Each towel takes 24 minutes to stitch out and I have 300 to do.
Yep it will take a while.  I am hoping for 30 a day.

It has been a long time since I have had my machine on, so it feels
good to be working on this project.

I also did some hoodies for MORE a while back, need
to share that with you soon.   That job was a little smaller with
34 pieces, but the designs took 1 1/2 hours to stitch so it took a 
day or two to finish.  

Other jobs I am working on.
A king size quilt for my son and daughter-in-law
Finishing up on the Ruffled Roses quilt
 (just 5 years now in the works). 
Several service quilts.

This summer my quilting studio made huge strides
towards being finished and I was able to move my sewing area
up there.  Loving it. 

Much to share.

Many Blessings!

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