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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Embroidered Butterflies

Time for some Embroidery

Taking a little break from quilting to
decorate some hoodies.

Some butterflies for your viewing pleasure.

 Instead of just decorating the back
 I decided to add the design to the sleeve.
This required unsewing the sleeve so
it could be flat on the hoop, then sewing it
back together.

 I wanted the butterflies to fly over my shoulder, too.

Another one in black with blue and white design.

I put these into a local store, I hope they are a big hit.


Anonymous said...

That's just gorgeous! I particularly like the black one, no surprise there. Do you have a good source for the hoodies, not to expensive? Or for regular sweatshirts. I'm not much of a hoodie person, but I do love wearing sweatshirts! That's looks like an etsy product to me. =) I'm so glad you have figured out your machine, as I know that was kind of a pain.

Gail said...

Thank you Susan. As with all things, prices are not as good as they used to be. The two I did here I priced based on prices from my last buy. Sigh. Things are up about $5.00 each. I am ordering right now, what size do you need thinking mens. I get the zip up hoodies (easier to get on and off, I hate things going over my head..) If you'd rather a regular sweatshirt I can do that for you. Let me know if that is something I should order and what color and size. I put these in the shop at $45.00 each, probably to low, but hopefully a good price.

Candi said...

Oh Gail, those are beautiful! You are so gifted lady! Love and miss you:)