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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lime, Black, Grey and White Quilt...Part 3

Lime, Black, Grey and White Quilt

Part 3 

Moving along on the borders of this quilt.
I was not sure what to do next to add the diamond border.
I did not like it right against the light grey

After considering things, I decided to add
a lime 1" border and a black 1" border.
I chose to sew them together before adding them.
Next the diamonds will be added
and another 1" black border will go on the outside.

Hummm.......this presented a problem
 I did not discover until I began sewing
                                                                 the two borders on.
Because I first sewed the borders together, they would
overlap at the corners in a way that would not work. 
After some consideration, I decided to add a corner block.

Now you can see the diamonds and how they
will line up, I believe a lime square will
go in the corner where they meet up.

That is for another day, more diamonds to sew together.
The top will measure 88 inches once the diamonds are on.
I hope to make it 96 inches square so that once it is washed
and shrinks up a little it will be close to the 90 inches wanted.

So what will the final border be?  Perhaps a piano key?  I am running out of
fabrics so will have to consider what to do next.  

Until later,
May the Lord above bless your richly.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I could get here from your other blog. Just not from the link in the subscription e-mail! So weird! Takes a human to outsmart a computer system. LOL So, I like this, and look forward to seeing what comes next. I normally like piano keys, but I would have to see that next to these to think about how it looks. I'm not picturing it well. I think because of the diagonals in the HST and then the diagonals in the square-in-a-square, I'm not able to see it mentally. =) What if you made the piano keys at an angle? Or what about a braided border? I'm thinking about things that would be smaller pieces of fabric. Piano keys would waste the least, no doubt about it, and might be just the perfect thing, though.