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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Rifle Case

Rifle Case

Kirk has been asking me to make him a rifle case.

It took a while to find the right materials, mainly the "batting".

So we gathered the oil skin, and Annie's soft and stable.

Next came the design, how to quilt it.  Embroidery or not.
Once we decided on cross hatching and embroidery designs
WE began.

After loading the flannel backing, soft and stable and oil cloth on the longarm,
I started teaching Kirk to quilt.  

 We had to come up with a few ways to do things, like putting a spine
down the back of the case, and how to get that nice and straight.
Since my machine is old and does not have channel lock, Kirk came
up with a block and clamping solution.  So we got the nice straight lines.

Next, I did not own a 30 degree ruler, so he made one out of wood
He then ordered acrylic material so he could make a clear ruler to do this.
Here you see the wood ruler.  It was a bit thick for the machine but 
worked anyway. 
After the first run,  I began the second run creating the diamonds
All this a learning and creating process.
 The completed cross hatching work for the first case.
That wood ruler worked pretty good.  ☺

Then on to the embroidery machine to add the embroidery
 Thank goodness for Mighty Hoops, I never would have been
able to hoop this with my standard machine hoops. 
 I love those hoops.

The completed rifle case after adding zipper and handles.
Trying out two different embroidery designs.

 Interior lined with flannel to cuddle the rifle.
 Embroidery close up.  

Three more rifle cases to come, they will be up for sale.
If interested let me know.
They will be $150.00
These can be special ordered.

Have a blessed day and thank you for visiting
Big Horn Mountain Creations.

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Anonymous said...

If Paul were still around, you bet I'd order one for him. That is gorgeous! Husbands are so handy, and this post points up exactly why I not only miss Paul but need him around! Like Kirk, he was clever about so many things. I just love seeing your cross-hatching and the beautiful designs you did on this. If you can stand to make more of them, I'll bet these would sell well with the hunting crowd! So nice to see what you did, though I was expecting the baby quilt. LOL