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Friday, August 18, 2017

Applique Baby Quilt

Rock-A-Bye Rainbow Baby Quilt

I was asked to make this quilt.  
It is such a cute quilt, all done with raw edge applique.
Here is my rendition as I began to place all
the pieces where they go.  

 Adding the details, cute applique eyes and embroidered smile on the sun.
A butterfly enjoying the suns warmth.
Bright rainbow colors color the sky of blue.

Baby left by the stork and small woodland creatures looking
after her.  

 Another butterfly, fluttering by, while a baby duck swims in the pond.

 A pair of love birds in a tree.

All of the elements are blanket stitched, with embroidery details.

 Baby has removable diaper, and hand embroidered details.

A closer look at the butterfly.

Hand embroidered details, french knot eyes.

Machine embroidery making this little Ava's quilt.

Baby needed a pink bow.  

And finally a binding of many colors.
I hope Ava will like her quilt.  
A gift from her grandma, Pat.  
That I was privileged to make.

1 comment:

desertskyquilts said...

That is adorable! I remember those patterns from the company. I like the color of your trees much better.