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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Thursday, June 27, 2019

50th Anniversary Quilt

50th Anniversary Quilt

Embroidery work has begun on the 
50th Anniversary Quilt.

Looks like 19.5 hours to stitch out this 
particular set of designs.

They are stitched on tulle, and 
will be appliqued onto the top. 

The center will be 36" square, with
one set on each side, and a flower in the corners.
52 of each of these little gems.  13 on each side.

 The embroidery design is by 
Angela Wolf.@  AngelaWolf.com
Thank you Angela for this really very beautiful design.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Double Wedding Ring - Quilted.

Double Wedding Ring Quilted

The DWR in done.   40ish hours of quilting went into this

The rings and diamonds are done with a beautiful thread.

Label for the quilt.

 Love how it came out.  This is a pretty quilt.

Eye candy below.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Double Wedding Ring & Feathers

Double Wedding Ring & Feathers

Quilting for Laurie's Double Wedding Ring
has begun.  I am honored that she
is trusting with this beautiful top.

So here we go.
Stitching in the ditch around all the rings.

Thread for the rings.

First though, quilting the centers and melons.
This little flower fits just right.

Now the centers were a bit of a challenge, could not decide which
feather wreath I wanted to do, sew I did all 3.

Cross hatch. 

Double feather


The edge feather came next.  
So on to the next row.  
This is sideways on the longarm, so this is a side.
There are 4 rows of rings.  

Monday, June 03, 2019

Ribbon Quilt - Complete.

Ribbon Quilt 


Emma's Ribbon Quilt is complete.

On display at her graduation party.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ribbon Quilt - Part 4 - Quilting

Ribbon Quilt - Part 4 - Quilting

The quilting is done.
It went well and I have to say that
the gold metallic thread worked like a dream.
I used the military gold by Superior threads.
Used polly embroidery thread in
the bobbin.  I so love it when the thread,
material and machine play well together.

I know I probably got a little carried away with the number
of pictures I am sharing with you but I am happy
with the results.  

Stippling between the ribbons.

 Feathers and cross hatch.

Around the corner

 Another corner, also showing the zinger.

A view of the back of the quilt.

Next comes some embroidery.  I will be putting
Emma's name in the sashing.   Then making the label
and of course binding.  


I have been working some on the 365 challenge quilt also
will share some more blocks soon.  

Until next time,  BLESSINGS.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

365 Quilt Challenge - Part 3

365 Quilt Challenge 

 Part 3

Moving along on the 365 Quilt

57 of the 3 inch blocks are done, 
working on the orange red to red area.
Then into pinks and purples around to the blues again
I think I will need a few more blues.
I don't know am considering more greens and yellows
time will tell.  

Finished the center medallion today.

And everything together so far.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

365 Quilt Challenge

365 Quilt Challenge 

Some more blocks.

I guess I over shot the once a week idea, 
got a little carried away.

I have been doing 3 to 5 blocks a day to
try and get caught up.

These little beggars are fun, yet frustrating at the
same time.  

See the one 4th down on the right, 
those are 1/2 inch HST.  Smallest so far.
Well until today maybe when I did 1  X 1 1/4 inch flying geese.
Show you that in a minute.

This group includes my blue and teal, going into green.

 Rounding the corner with green, going into lime.

Remember these are 3 1/2 unfinished.

Greens going into yellow

Just a closer look at the greens.

All fabrics are from my stash, mostly FQs

 Yellows going into oranges, next will be moving into reds.

So I thought I'd show you today's block up close.

After printing out the pattern, I then cut and prepare
several at a time.  Here it was 3 days worth.  I generally 
choose one complicated one and two or three easy ones.
Get my lines drawn and keep the pieces on their
pattern print out.  

Today the block it a 4 T

It calls for 8 -  1 X 1 1/2 inch flying geese.
The corner pieces are 1 inch sq.

Unlike the larger blocks precision is more important,
not a lot of fudge room.  So it is truly a hair on
the corner side of that line, not on it or it won't fit.
You learn this as you go along.  
Very different from working with a larger block.

The two corners for this little flying geese block.
The pins look huge.

 All the little units made.

Cute little pair of geese.

Finished block. 

Working on these IS fun, I enjoy the challenge.

Onward and upward.

Stay tuned for another group of blocks.