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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow & Ice........ Christmas Stocking Update 2

Snow & Ice?? Winter Ice??

Which should I call it?

I wanted to show you the stocking
again along with
the drawing of my plans for it.
I have found that drawing
out a plan for the project is
very helpful. I know other
artist do this all the time and now
I can see why. It is freeing
as I am drawing, I can erase and try another idea.
This is not in concrete by any means but sure makes
it all flow easier if I have it pre planned.

This design, the tear drop shapes, comes from working with a long arm quilting machine. It is called a feather. The thread is hand-dyed cotton by Caron, their Wildflowers line in Silver Blue #159. It has very soft variations in the shades of blue, it is being used alot on this project. The beads and charm come from the Treasure Club packet for January from Evening Star Designs.

The snow flake is one strand of silver thread, I don't remember by whom, with more beads from the ESD Treasure Club packet.

Spring is starting to show a little around here, I am getting very excited about gardening. I have had my nose buried in the seed and gardening supply catalogs. The dogs and I have started taking walks, the puppy doesn't get it yet, but Lady and I are sure enjoying it....oh the cat came alone with us today. It makes me laugh to see the cat enjoying the walk as much as we do.

Until later, God Bless.


Charlene said...

Your stocking is beautiful! Did the drawing help as much as you thought it may? I vote for Winter Ice.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, I like Snow and Ice for your stocking name. The sketch of your stitching is wonderful. I love the lace feather stitch too. I wonder how in the world you can walk out there in the far West when the weather is sooo awful. You certianly must be a strong Pioneer Woman. Hugs Judy

Susan said...

It's looking so beautiful. I love the feathers, especially with that beading. Even if I draw it out first, I change it when I do it, so I quit trying that. =) Maybe I'll do that on the block we do on CCS.

Candi said...

Gail your idea of using a drawing first is great. I've done that a few times and the piece always comes out as I vision it. When I don't do that, I have difficulty with the item and it takes me forever!:) Thanks for reminding me.

Rissa said...

Gail, would you be interested in writing an article for CQMagOnline?