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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Etsy Changes

The other day I was thinking about "things". I was driving over to pick up my milk and musing about a business. What kind of business would I really love to do? Several things ran through the cobwebs of my mind and a Christmas Boutique came to mind. After all it is getting to be that time of the year. It occurred to me that I would really love to have a shop always done in Christmas decorations, all warm and cozy. I was thinking about ways to do that here in town, but in all honesty I don't want to have a brick and mortar store, where I have to get up everyday and go there (call me lazy). Then I realized I have a little Etsy store and why not turn that into a Christmas Boutique.......then I got conformation from Susan when she suggested the same thing when I was telling her about my Christmas Boutique thoughts......So

DRUM ROLL..............................

My Etsy shop will be carrying Christmas things.

Big Horn Mountain Creations....
A Big Horn Mountain Christmas

I have begun to make a few changes on my shop and am making items to add,
first being.............

A darling cell phone pouch

Next up some wonderful snow flake soaps, packaged for gift giving.
I will post here when they are available.

I hope you will check my shop from time to time for wonderful Christmas items.


Gabriele said...

That's a neat idea. I hope this change will work out for you. Looking forward to seeing what else you'll add to your shop.

Michele said...

What a wonderful idea!!! good luck to you... And I will keep it in my prayers. XOXOXO

Franie said...

Nice cell phone case. Be sure to let me know when the soap is available. And of course good luck.