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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing lately.
Remember to click the picture for a large view.

My MIL gave me some odds and ends jewelry pieces. This beautiful
blue pendent was in there, I have kept is wanting to put a chain on, so here
it is with a new chain and clasp. I am keeping this for myself. It looks like
it could be a blue topaz, the setting is beautiful. One can dream, right?

Here, the first pair
of earrings I put together.

Swarovski crystals,
silver spacers,
root beer color glass
beads and
rose quartz drops, on
silver plated hoops.

These I just finished.
The picture is not good
but they are
sterling silver chains, with
swarovski crystals and
silver plated crosses with
pink stones.

This is the necklace
that started all this
jewelry making.
Made with hand made
herb beads, in rose.
With reclaimed crystal
beads and antique silver
chain and clasp.

Note the clasp, I just love
this style.

These are works in
The white bracelet has reclaimed beads (white) which are shell of some kind, 3 beautiful lamp work glass beads, and acrylic leaves. I am waiting for some of the components for these two.
You know how it is when you start a new venture, it takes a while to figure out all the
pieces you need..............well, at least it takes me awhile. Grin.

Next is a rose quartz bracelet,
with 2 lamp work beads,
3 Czech Glass rounds in
Champagne luster, and
gold (plated) spacers.

So......what do you think, are they nice enough to sell?
Is it something you'd buy for yourself or
as a gift or am I wasting my time? There are so many
experience jewelry makes out there, can I compete?

1 comment:

Connie said...

Gail, I wish I knew the answer! I do not think I am good at knowing what others want.

They are very attractive and I will come back to see what others say!