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Friday, September 24, 2010

Marianne's Quilt - Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of creating Marianne's quilt.

Remember last time all the problems I was having with the corner blocks?
I can tell you the confusion does not go away,  sigh. 
Let me show you why.
The pieces below are for the right side,  top and bottom blocks
See how the fabric on either side of the blue strip are the same?
after cutting these in half, we put one from each on either side of the light blue strip.
That is pretty straight forward, no big deal.....
We have to do the blocks for the left side now.  One would think, easy peasy, right?
Just change the dark blue and lt blue around and ya got it.......
Think again, 
the dark solid pink has to go toward the center of the main block. 
See my last post.
Soooooooooo, there are some differences in how to piece them together.
Instead of the same color on either side of the center strip, 
for this one you have to put one of each on either side.
(See the picture)

Now someone with a more organized brain might not have a problem with it
and I did ok, as long as I did not take a break.  LOL.
After cutting this in half, as the ruler shows, then you can put it onto a dark strip.
and you get this.
I know, I know!  How can it possibly make a difference?  Trust me it does
I can not explain why, all I know is it does.
Now this block can be turned so the dark pink goes into the center.
(it is backwards in the picture)
Go look at my last post again to see how they set.
Are you confused?  

I am happy to say that I made it through and got them all right
(although my seam ripper got a really good workout).
I am also happy to say, the quilt is ready to go on the longarm machine for quilting.

I have more 'process' to show you, but felt this was enough for one setting,
especially if your head is spinning like mine was is  (it still makes my brain twist in knots).

I hope Marianne is going to love this quilt, 
I know I do, despite all the challenges (good for the brain).

Happy Pink Saturday
hop over and visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
to find more Pink bloggers. 

May God Bless you richly 

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Anonymous said...

It's going to be beautiful, though. Love your colors.