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Monday, October 04, 2010

Marianne's Quilt - Part 6

Welcome to Part 6 of Mariann's quilt progress.
The quilt is on the longarm and quilting will start tomorrow morning
I tried to take a straight on picture, 
it is to close, so it looks like the quilt dips on the sides,
surprise, it doesn't.

As you look at this next picture you can see the bed of the longarm machine
I won't go through the steps of loading the quilt
each machine is different.
I will tell you that the backing is rolled onto the two rollers.
Then, I 'float' the batting and top.  Floating, just means
that the top and batting are not rolled onto rollers, but
layered on top of the backing and they just 'float' there.
Of course once I start sewing...er, quilting....the layers will then become one.
Here is the thread I will be using.
"So Fine", by Superior Threads
Rose Petal # 416
isn't it pretty, I fell in love with it right away.
So, tomorrow I will begin quilting and will take pictures so you can see that process.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

God's blessings to you and yours.

1 comment:

ANudge said...

Gail, that is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I love the thread color you picked.

I'd be curious to know how many quilts you have now quilted. Probably tons,