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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Split Nine Patch Quilt

Split Nine Patch Quilt

I am starting a new quilt.....well really I started it some time ago
this quilt is for my daughter and her hubby.
I had Samantha pick a pattern for this quilt and the colors to be used
The name of the pattern is Split Nine Patch 
you can find this pattern at 
the Quilters Cashe   here
this site is full of wonderful blocks for your use.

The color way for this quilt is, greens and browns.

I will be going through the process of making the quilt 

To begin
The pattern and alot of notes
I numbered the different patches and then numbered the fabric

The fabric, as you can see I began cutting the patches
 Cutting and sewing patch #6

 100 of patch #6 sewn together and separated into stacks of 10 each
 Sewing the remaining 32 patches of  #6

 The Thread  this is the thread that I will use to do the quilting 
it is Master Piece by Alex Anderson, Superior Threads
color #133  Meadow
it is a #50 Extra long staple Egyptian Cotton
Ok, that is it for this first installment of the Split Nine Patch Quilt
I hope you will come back and follow the process

God Bless


kasthurirajam said...

Thanks for nice tutorial.I m waiting for ur next post

Candi said...

Gail it's going to be lovely! Hope you're feeling better today. hugz:)