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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lime, Black, Grey and White Quilt...Part 3

Lime, Black, Grey and White Quilt

Part 3 

Moving along on the borders of this quilt.
I was not sure what to do next to add the diamond border.
I did not like it right against the light grey

After considering things, I decided to add
a lime 1" border and a black 1" border.
I chose to sew them together before adding them.
Next the diamonds will be added
and another 1" black border will go on the outside.

Hummm.......this presented a problem
 I did not discover until I began sewing
                                                                 the two borders on.
Because I first sewed the borders together, they would
overlap at the corners in a way that would not work. 
After some consideration, I decided to add a corner block.

Now you can see the diamonds and how they
will line up, I believe a lime square will
go in the corner where they meet up.

That is for another day, more diamonds to sew together.
The top will measure 88 inches once the diamonds are on.
I hope to make it 96 inches square so that once it is washed
and shrinks up a little it will be close to the 90 inches wanted.

So what will the final border be?  Perhaps a piano key?  I am running out of
fabrics so will have to consider what to do next.  

Until later,
May the Lord above bless your richly.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lime, Black, Grey and White Quilt

Lime, Black, Grey & White Quilt

 pieced border for the quilt.

Corner detail

What a difference a border makes.
I think I need a bigger design wall.
Flannel ordered to make a bigger design wall.

Border #2

Half square triangles in dark grey, light grey and white. 
(trying out the next border on the
 Corner details

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lime, Black, Grey and White

Quilting in 

Lime, Black, Grey & White

My latest project is for my son and daughter-in-law.
Josh and Michele

They wanted lime green, black, med grey and white.
Well this is a very lime top!
After making about 16 blocks I decided I did not like it
So something needed to happen.

 The block design is one I got from Quilters Cashe
she has tons of blocks there and all for free.  Thank you Marcia.

The pattern is called Fading Star


I know the colors are hard to see, 
sadly my camera is not picking them up to well.

The black has lime green dots.  What looks like yellow
is a bright, bright lime and white.  Then two different limes,
one with teal seed shape, shapes.  
 I changed it around a little because I did not like how the
fabrics I had chosen worked out.

As I mentioned I did not like the idea of a whole king
size quilt done with just those blocks soooooo
I had to figure something out.
I am a member of Craftsy.com 
and there is a class I am taking called Finishing School
by Winnie Fleming.
She teaches about making pieced borders.
Now I have done this before on my Ruffled Roses quilt 
but it never crossed my mind.
I began making borders to add to the center.
 First came a black border, next a lime border
both plain borders.
Next a 4 patch border.
Starting with a 4 patch with 1 1/2 finished squares

 Add half square triangles one in lime and one in grey
 Stack them like so and sew together to create
 this border, which will be added to the last lime border
 for this.
 Next make half square triangle squares
 which will be added thus
to create this.
What next?  I don't know yet.  
First I need to finish the other 3 sides, 
so I am off to sew.