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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Scraps, scraps and MORE SCRAPS

Scraps, scraps and MORE SCRAPS

My goal this year is to use my scraps.
This year began (for the purpose of using up scraps)
in mid September and will go thru 2019.
I am overwhelmed with the amount of scraps I have.  
15 years of making quilts produces a lot of those odd
pieces of fabric that are left over when the yardage is cut up into 
the pieces for blocks, sashes, borders, binding and backs.
I have made 5 tops so far and guess what,
I don't think I have made a dent, they just keep multiplying.

 I have sorted by size, well length, that took several days
Really it did, a girl can only sort for so long without getting 
bored to death.
 Once I had them sorted by size, I put them into zipper bags.
Then I sorted by color for certain designs like the log cabin
that bag has all green and white/cream for logs and
I was able to find reds for the center.
 I have something like 4 more bags like this to sort,
now you can understand why I believe this will take a year and a half
at least.
There are also drawers with scraps, one is full of precut squares and

Long strips waiting to be sewn.
 Half square triangles being made ready for a top

 Left overs from cutting triangles from newly created yardage.
I told you they just keep growing. 
That stack is now 3 times that size.  OY!
And I even threw some out....I know.....say it is not so.

One of dozens of newly created yardage from sewing strips together.
Some are  cut into strips, from 3 inches up to 6 inches wide,
some into triangles.  
 With the half square triangles I created the above top.

And from the 6 inches strips the top below.

More strips have been combine to make backs for these two tops,
I will show them later.

I finished up the log cabin top today so I have that to show you
as well.  For now I will sign off.

Have a blessed evening.  Time to go tuck the chickens in.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh, good luck with that, Gail! I don't think I will EVER be able to use all my scraps and almost everything I make starts with scraps! LOL Your tops look fabulous, though. I will love the log cabin, because it's one of my favorite patterns, but I really like those HST with the scrappy strips, too. That's a unique setting for those. I've made the decision to give away all my triangles of varying sizes that are left over. Some are even pre-sewn into HSTs. I just have to find someone to take them now. LOL