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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Look what I got today!!

What a wonderful surprise I got today! What is this
box from Moria? Can't wait to get home, so I ripe it
open right in the Post Office. Inside I find this beautiful
quilt, made just for ME!!!!!! The gals on my quilting list
Trading Fabrics secretly made up this quilt.

They are calling it my Grandma quilt, but what I found
out is that when they found out about the lose of our home
and job (I mentioned it in my year end round up), they
decided I needed a comfort quilt, something I can snuggle
in with my grandkids. It is perfect and the colors are my
favorite and match my house perfectly.

The center block

"Happiness is
being a

Handmade card
that came with
the quilt

Backing, and
6 different
fish =
6 grandchildren.

Isn't this just a darling quilt, and I am so blessed
to be the recipient of the quilt and the love put into

Thank you to my Trading Fabric family of friends.


Debra Spincic said...

Clever way to set the center blocks! Very nice quilt.

Meredith said...

love green. Quilters have the biggest caring hearts.

Susan said...

It's no accident that it's green. =) It's good to know that you were so excited. I'm guessing Julie wanted a look at it, too. =)

Sue said...

What a lovely thoughtful thing to do. It really is lovely. I am very partial to green, given that its my name. lol