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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Destiny's Heart Finished

Here it is.....Destiny's Heart pillow is all finished. You can see the beginnings of this project
on my Feb. 3rd post. I thought I would share the final details with you all.

Above is the "D" for Destiny. Done in DMC floss, with silk ribbon roses. With a close up of the lace seam treatment with beads. Also couched down a white cording with pink floss.

The butterfly and the waist band of the dress (already decorated), another look at the lace and couched cording.

I had a hard time with the finishing of the pretty lace and sequins fabric I overlayed on this side of the heart, I could not figure out what to do to finish it off. So, after scanning some of my books the idea of X's came to me, it worked out pretty good, french knot buds and lazy daisy leaves added to the lower edge help dress it up a bit more.

Here is the finished work. Adding the lace dressed it up just right. Kirk says Destiny is a lucky girl to get something so special....I just hope she is old enough to appreciate it and take care of it....regardless, I enjoyed making it for her and it allowed me alot of time to think about her.

I have not started my stitch for TAST yet, will have to get on that now that all things I needed to get done before this next Wed are done.



Charlene said...

A beautiful treasure for Destiny. Great job.

Susan said...

That's going to be such a special gift. It's beautiful, and I love what you did over the lace. Every bit of it is special. Kirk is right. (This time!) =)