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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Have you ever had a day where your head just spins? Today is one of those days, it took me all day to get these pictures uploaded to share with you all.

The first picture is of boxers I made for my #3 grandson, Brandyn who is 4. I made him some for his birthday in October and he loved them so much he asked for more, so I thought I share them, because I think they are just to cute. I was going to send them along with the quilt I am making for his soon to be born brother Codey, BUT........I get deliver it in person now, cause we get to make a trip to Ca., wahoo.....baby is due anytime.

Today's mail brought my order from Pat Winters
Beautiful silk ribbons that she hand dyed, she also include the silks and some charms. Visit her Etsy shop, I see she just did some more up and they are really pretty.

I have been stitching on my granddaughters heart, adding the butterfly motif with sequins and beads. To the lace seed beads, sequins, and bugle beads. Plus a D with french knots and SR roses.

Well, I am off to make dinner and do some sewing.


Susan said...

The ribbons are gorgeous! I like the way the heart is going. The D looping around that curvy part of the fabric design is cool.

Those shorts are the cutest thing ever. No wonder he wanted more. You must be pretty good at them now - fast!

kansas crochet mom said...

oh my gosh i love the boxers! :)

Debra Spincic said...

I used to make boxers for my sons too! They really are fun and make up so quickly. Yours are cute too.