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Sunday, February 18, 2007

TAST and Lace Buy

Today I have several items to share with you. The Lace buy I was involved in and my TASTy for the week.

Susan from Crazy Quilting For Fun, has started a Lace Buy list. Below are the laces from our first buy.

The lace is really pretty, with some in whites, creams and colors. All the laces are beautiful quality. Susan is also going to do a Dupioni Silk buy. To join the list go to the link above and request membership. Thank you for doing this Susan.

Now on to Week 6 of Take a Stitch Tuesday......The Feather Stitch.
It took me awhile to get going on this, I have been busy completing some projects that, will be going to my grandchildren later this week. Finally getting to the feather stitch night before last, here are my meanderings.

I have wanted to try the seaweed thing, so using different colors of DMC floss and a layering effect this is what developed. It seems to have depth, what do you think? It was fun to do and would be better with beads and such, but that will be reserved for later, since the idea of these samplers is a book, in order to eliminate bulk, the embellishments will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

*Love* the seaweed thing with the feather stitch! I may have to "borrow" it for the ocean portion of my Psalm 8 quilt top. :o)

Debra Spincic said...

Looks like a bush to me, which is a good idea too!

Charlene said...

How lovely - you've given me a great idea!

Lisa said...

It looks like coral!! Love it!

Susan said...

Gosh, the laces look so much better laid out like that!

Love the feather stitching you did, too. The colors are gorgeous.

Lin Moon said...

The feather stitch looks like it c could be the tail of a peacock! Just lovely!

Lin Moon said...

The feather stitch looks like it c could be the tail of a peacock! Just lovely!