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Welcome to Big Horn Mountain Creations, Quilting and Embroidery.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Updates

Time for some Updates.

First up is the tie block I have started working on. Working with Wildflowers by Caron in Pearl, are some variations of the straight stitch. Around the center are two different straight stitches and the outside two brown strips each have another variation. Also in 3 of the corner blocks around the center are some arrow stitches and a lazy daisy stitch. Click for a closer look.

I am back to work on the Cream, White and Gold Christmas stocking. This is the back. New additions are the fan stitches on the top seam done in Wildflowers hand dyed cotton thread, Pearl and hand dyed silk thread from Evening Star Designs, to these fan stitches I have attached seed beads in gold and white, also in the center are cream sequins with gold seed beads. Carole Samples templates were used to help me get even fans.

Then with the same hand dyed silk thread, buttonhole stitch on the left by the heal. Below that with DMC floss, 3 strands, some lazy daisy flowers.

That is it for today. To recap check the side bar for Christmas Stockings tag. Enjoy.



stocking is very beautiful! love the crazy block and the stitches!!! interesting colors and textures! Great work! *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

I love the way the fan stitches look, and the doily. This is great idea-prompting for when I get home and start the Moms quilt!