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Saturday, September 30, 2006

American Hero Quilt 3

Here is another American Hero quilt.
The piecing work on these tops are so beautiful. It is fun to get to work with them up close and personal.

I did keyhole designs along the side, I won't do this again unless I pre-mark
the quilt first, fitting them in is hard and of course there is no way to gauge
the size as you go along without marking or putting them inside a block.

This is a very simple and none descript pattern, but I still like the way it
came out, it also gave me alot of time to practice my timing, working on the
evenness of my stitches. It has made a huge difference in the 2 quilts I have done since
this one was completed. It is now winging its way to get its binding and then be
given to one of our Heroes. I am thankful I can do this small thing to say
Thank You.

1 comment:

Susan said...

The Greek Key looks fabulous! Didn't you want to embellish these blocks? =)